Genshin Impact: All Stone Slate Locations for Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Blueprint (The Farmer’s Treasure)

Genshin Impact: All Stone Slate Locations for Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Blueprint (The Farmer's Treasure)

Genshin Impact: All Stone Slate Locations for Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Blueprint (The Farmer’s Treasure)

It is located across Jinren island in the northern part of InazumaGenshin ImpactPlayers will find several locked boxes that can be opened using various keys scattered around the island. An NPC called Saimon Jirou can be found at the top of the rock formation of the main island. He will inform the player about a nearby treasure by collecting four stones tablets.

Genshin Impact players will need to obtain the four tablets to complete the quest. These tablets can be found at the cleansing sites that are required for the Konda village questline. Players will receive 60 primogems and the crafting blueprint for “Amenoma Kageuchi” after completing the quest.

Stone Tablet 1

You can find the first stone tablet by travelling fast to the Kamisato estate waypoint. Players must then head northeast to glide down to the beach from this point. The first stone tablet will be found in a tent at this spot.

Stone Tablet 2

The second stone tablet can be found inside the well in Konda village. You can find the tablet by travelling fast to the Konda Village Waypoint and heading towards the cleansing ritual puzzle location. Players must summon the electrogram at the location of the old barrier to pass through the large room’s electro barrier. Players will find the stone tablet at the top of the crate to their left once they have passed the barrier.

Stone Tablet 3

You can find the third stone tablet in the Araumi barrier-dungeon. Players should note that the Memento lens is required to access this dungeon. Players will find the electro cube puzzle just left of the cleansing site. The puzzle must be solved by players who make sure that each cube faces the same direction. Once they have solved the puzzle, they will access a flooded area that they will need to swim through. Continue along the long, flooded corridor until you reach a staircase. The third tablet is located on a pile in the dirt at the top of the staircase.

Stone Tablet 4

You can also find the fourth tablet location in the Araumi Dungeon. It is easy to access from the location of the third tablet. The third tablet is located next to another puzzle that uses electro cubes. Players will be able to drain the water from their flooded hallway after solving the puzzle. This will give players access to a previously unaccessible circular doorway. Head through the door and proceed towards the large room that connects to the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss location. The wreckage of a pirate ship can be found in the room. The fourth tablet can be found inside the pirate ship in a vase.

Players must return to Jinren Island to speak with Saimon after obtaining the four stone tablets. After a short conversation, Saimon will inform players that they are missing an extra tablet and go to a nearby beach to get it. You can interact with the four dirt mounds on the beach by heading to it.

The location will not have a tablet, and players must confront Saimon about the development. Players will discover that Saimon was captured again after returning to Jinren Island. The player now has to defeat a seemingly endless number of enemies.

The player can access the treasure location nearby after defeating all enemies. The player must place each of the stones tablets on the floor at the treasure location to complete the final puzzle. Players must place each stone tablet on the floor to complete the puzzle. The treasure vault is empty of vegetables and old artifacts once the players have opened it.

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