One of Steam Deck’s ‘terrifying prototypes’ was called the ‘Ugly Baby’

No matter what your opinion on the final design of the Steam Deck’s Steam Deck, the early prototype versions were much worse. Pierre-Loup Griffais (Valve developer) said that Valve would give early prototypes “appropriate nicknames” and that if one of them is called “Ugly Baby”, then it’s only fair to wonder about the horror of that device.
You can see the early prototypes of the Steam Controllers if you look back at them. It was reportedly just half of an Xbox controller gaffer attached to a PlayStation Move stick.

Ryan McCaffrey asks Gabe Newell, Pierre-Loup Griffais, and IGN about the Steam Deck in the full IGN interview.

Newell replies with “Steam Buddy …” The latter was revealed by Steam code updates back in May, alluding at the name. These leaks also refer to the SteamPal’s codename, “Neptune”. None of these really appeal to me, and the Neuromancer-style Steam Deck feels far more appropriate for new tech.

Griffais, however, jumps in to discuss the names they gave their early test devices.

Griffais says that “very early on, we had quite terrifying prototypes so they were given appropriate names,” such as Ugly Baby and other similar terms. Those weren’t great

“Steam Ugly Baby?” Newell asks.

“So, we didn’t go after that as far names go.”

To be fair, Griffais does not say that they called one the “Ugly Baby”, but he grabs it out of the air so fast I have to believe at least one of the first “terrifying prototypes” would have given birth to this moniker.

One day, I hope we can see the original devices that lived up to their name. Somewhere in Bellevue there is a damp basement with a broken Switch and two pieces of Steam Controller taped to each side. He hoarsely whispers into the darkness, “Kill… I will kill you.”

These names are far more interesting that the original moniker for the Valve Index VR headset, ‘Frank’. Really? The engineers and developers had given up on finding cool names for virtual reality sets after the canceled ‘Vader VR prototype project.

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