PUBG’s planes are now terrifying fiery death traps

PUBG is no longer safe. Not even the plane. In the latest update, there is now a terrifying possibility that the plane could crash land before you know where it is.
Patch 13.1 includes a new emergency landing feature. It is easy to see when the plane is having a moment. The faster you can react and get out, the farther you’ll travel. If you don’t mind taking 50% of the damage that the plane takes upon landing, you can choose to stay on board the plane for the whole time. It is not something I would recommend.

This update increases the availability of care package airdrops in every match, adds a secret area in Taego, and gives Sanhok, the newly remastered Sanhok, another makeover. You’ll also find a lot of patch notes that relate to ranked mode.

Although PUBG has taken a backseat lately to other battle royales, there is still a lot of content being added. The arrival of Taego last month was the first time a full-sized map has been added in almost four years. It also includes a Warzone-style Gulag. Morgan, a PCG player, recently returned to the game following a long hiatus. However, he wasn’t convinced it could keep up with some of the current competition.

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