This lo-fi horror roguelike looks like the best Resident Evil spin-off Capcom never made

Draft of Darkness is an obscure game that I didn’t know existed until this morning. I now want to play it. It’s one those games where you have to combine many concepts into one explanation: Draft of Darkness is a top-down horror roguelike that combats via card battles. The game’s main loop is deckbuilding and it involves combat using cards. You can see the trailer and feel the attraction instantly. It will be out in just a few days.
For me, the most appealing aspect of this is the Playstation 1 horror aesthetic. The art style replicates the horror vibe of Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Parasite Eve without looking exactly like them. However, what it reminds me of most is Resident Evil 2: Outbreak. This PS2 entry features multiple survivors who are trying to escape Raccoon city and relying on their different skills.

This is probably because there are multiple characters to play with, each with their own skills. You can also create a group of survivors for each run. Each of them will have their own set abilities.

It’s interesting to note that combat is based on cards that are based around specific weapons. You can equip these weapons but they also have effects that can be used to create synergies with other weapon cards. Draft of Darkness has a unique feature that is both familiar and welcome. Every run grants credits to open booster boxes for new starting cards.

Draft of Darkness promises a meta-story progression’, i.e. Choices with consequences. Developer Crawly Games states that the game will remain in Early Access for six months to one year. It all depends on how satisfied the players are with the game.

“Part 1 of the story is now available at the beginning of Early Access. It’s possible to complete this part in between 6-8 hours, according to our estimates. There are many secrets, achievements, and unlocks that you can pursue which will give you hours of fun.

The game will launch with 3 heroes and 4 companion archetypes. It also features 135+ cards, 3 themes of procedurally generated areas, 19 bosses, 9 bosses, 28+ decisions events, and 45+ unique objects.

Draft of Darkness is available in Early Access starting on 30 July. The price for the game is $9.99 through 6 August.—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/SB9Ssyd3Ayo—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/ilzP_QK27b4—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/HA-uWxM5a4Q—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/dPBSzTI3g6E—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/pY5WAWRXFow—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/Q2Dg6sOFUXw—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/d489mKc3Zns—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/w7PWiJLa-5M—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/B_JE5SWQCKg—tower-defense-gold-and-crystals-generator-2021/c/AoAC_TO8W0I

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