Apex Legends: How to Complete the Season 10 Seer Teaser

Apex Legends: How to Complete the Season 10 Seer Teaser

Apex Legends: How to Complete the Season 10 Seer Teaser

Season 10 and the Legend Seer are now availableApex LegendsSoon; players will be able to complete an easy easter egg-tasting task to obtain a special Seer-themed gun charm. Players will need to search for the small chirping device containing a swarm of Seer’s microdrones in various locations on World’s Edge and Olympus.

The seer was officially announced as the new Legend in a Stories from the Outlands lore trailer, and his abilities were discussed in the recent EA Play Live 2021 presentation. Season 10, also known as Emergence, will be launched on August 3. Seer, an update on World’s Edge, and the new Rampage LMG gun are part of Season 10.

Although this easter egg teaser is very simple, it requires Apex Legends players to explore Olympus or World’s Edge to locate the device. It may take some time. After completing the easter egg, players can return to the lobby and equip their “Bespoke Micro-Drone” gun charm.

Solo players should make sure to turn off fill before jumping into the Duos playlist. This will prevent teammates from being distracted or allow them to find friends to play in Trios. You can also repeat the teaser to help teammates who have not completed it yet.

Device locations

You can find the device that Apex Legends players must locate in six locations, including Olympus in Battle Royale and World’s Edge. For a time, the device will appear in one of these locations. Players can find it in the same place for multiple games at a time. This location information is courtesy RogueMonkeyJr, YouTube.

The World’s Edge

  • Skyhook, at the top of Skyhook tower.
  • Survey Camp, northwest corner.
  • Fragment West is located on the top of the southern construction.
  • Thermal Station is located to the west of a large rock.
  • Geyser is located in the southeast corner of the region.
  • Dome, located near the lava fall to the north-west.


  • Bonsai Plaza is located at the topmost point of the south tower.
  • Icarus, at the center of the ship.
  • The middle is dominated by the gardens.
  • Rift, located on top of the northern raised area.
  • Oasis is located near the west building.
  • Loading area between Oasis and Carrier, near the small cargo ship at the edge of the map.

Activating the Device

When a player arrives at one of these locations, they should listen for a deep heartbeat sound. This is the easiest way to find the device. Players can follow the sound, but yellow moth graffiti or clusters of blue light will help them locate it.

The device will be visible on the ground so players can interact with it. The device is actually the gold casing that Seer wears on his chest to hold all the microdrones for his abilities.

The device will play a brief animation when the player interacts with it. A unique dialogue will be displayed on the Legend about the new Legend’s arrival. The nearest banner screens will play the chirping noise very loudly and will also turn black to show the icons for Seer’s abilities. The device will drop three gun charms that can be collected as a reward once the animation has ended.

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