Beautifully animated adventure-puzzler Omno is out today

Omno’s pitch invites you to make a pilgrimage through an ancient world. It’s all quite beautiful in a lost civilization, with forests, deserts and tundras.
Jonas Manke, the developer, is primarily an animator. It shows. The trailer for the new release is a lot about how beautiful this movement looks. You can run and glide, dash, surf and teleport. This is what I’m referring to in the slow-mo-to zoom segments. But everything else gets the same level of detail. The flying ray flapping its wings, and the jellyfish bobbing about.

Sometimes, a game can be just a place to be, and that’s fine. But Omno also offers a variety of challenging puzzles so you can get a little exercise while taking in the stunning atmosphere.

It is estimated that the runtime will take between 4-5 and 6 hours. This, coupled with the positive vibes of this game makes it a great Sunday afternoon game. Laundry can wait, I have giant turtles and mythical animals to help me.

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