GTA modders pull their own 14-year-old-project over takedown fears

Grand Theft Auto modders pulled a 14-year-old San Andreas mod because of fears of a Take-Two attack.
GTA United is a mod that has existed since 2007. It was originally created as two separate projects. One was responsible for converting Vice City’s map to San Andreas and the other was working on Grand Theft Auto 3’s Liberty City map. GTA United merged the two projects into one mega-project. Thanks to Eurogamer, a major update was made in 2012.

Although the project has been around for over a decade, Take-Two’s recent attack on GTA mods even older than that of GTA has forced its creators to take it down. The GTA United website posted a post entitled “Final Chapter” last weekend explaining the reasoning behind the decision.

The post stated that “While our team has not received a takedown notice,” and that they had decided to say goodbye to their own conditions. This means that all official uploads have been taken offline. We are sorry for all those who enjoyed GTA United. Many of these people we had positive interactions with. However, this was a step that we felt was necessary as Take-Two/Rockstar Games seem to reject more and more modding of their games, even older ones.

They aren’t wrong. Take-Two took down the 16-year-old GTA Liberty City mod earlier this month. It also included Vice Cry mod Vice City and GTA Underground mods that combined a number of Rockstar maps. Reverse-engineered GTA 3 and Vice City versions were also taken down in the early part of this year.

It has been quite a wild ride, with people speculating on the possibility of GTA 6 remasters or other related topics.

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