Try not to get guillotined in Ambition: A Minuet in Power this August

Joy Manufacturing Co. launched a Kickstarter in late 2017 for Ambition: a Minuet in Power. It was a visual novel/dating sim that focuses on winning and dining in Paris in the last days before the heads fall off. It raised $61,503, just short of its $60,000 goal. Since then, it has been in development. It’s now available for release in August, after a delay.
You can use an in-game calendar to manage your time in Paris and party, gossip, spy, or seduce your way to wealth and influence. Enjoy the company and discover the secrets of wealthy widows and wronged soldiers as well as the stories of mysterious priests. According to the press release.

Your relationships with Ambition’s romanceable characters and Paris factions will be affected by the decisions you make. You can use meters to track your relationships with the monarch, the revolution and the church. Your social standing can be affected by the choice of frock you wear to an event (outfits have stats that measure their novelty, luxury, and modesty).

True love will be found if all goes according to plan. You’ll either end up in prison, or your delicate French neck will be sliced. Good luck.

Ambition: From August 18, Steam will have a Minuet in Power.

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