Rating in Australia Indicates Shin Megami Tensei 5 Has Online Features

Rating in Australia Indicates Shin Megami Tensei 5 Has Online Features

Astin Megami Tensei 5This November, the new mechanics of the Xbox One will be available. Atlus recently broadcasted a video showing off the new features. The new cast of characters in shin Megami Tensei 5New features is being added to the game. The new “Magatsuhi Skills” abilities include powerful attacks and supporting the party with buffs and heals. These are new twists on old mechanics that were introduced in previous entries. However, an additional mechanic that involves online functionality may be added.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 has the player take on a Japanese high-school student named Nahobino, who is in his third year at Jouin Academy. Tokyo is plunged into chaos when a war between humans and demons erupts. This throws Nahobino and his classmates from their peaceful lives. They are given supernatural abilities and must survive the war by fighting and recruiting demonic entities. The player will participate in the adventure alone, but the Australia Classification Board has given it a rating. This means that there will be interactive online elements.

Fans had many theories about what this online functionality might look like, as Shin Megami Tensei 5 has a single-player adventure. Some speculated that online functionality could allow players to participate in a process similar to Persona 5’s Network Fusion. They could send their demons to be fused to transform into another demon randomly. This would allow the demons to inherit certain skills only available in this mode.

Others speculated that it would be similar to the Streetpass functionality introduced in Shin Megami Tensei 4. You could get different items to use in battle or boost your demon’s stat. A special item would allow a demon’s ability to transform into another one if they StreetPass another player playing 4. Although the Switch does not have Streetpass functionality, fans could connect to an internet server in Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse.

This new entry offers fans a lot of excitement. Many fans believe Atlus is putting a lot into the sequel, as evidenced by the amount of new information revealed in the detailed story trailer uploaded last week. Fans are eagerly awaiting the official unveiling of the new online mechanic as the game nears its November release.

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