Max Payne Face Model And Voice Actor Reunite For 20th Anniversary

Max Payne Face Model And Voice Actor Reunite For 20th Anniversary

Max Payne Face Model And Voice Actor Reunite For 20th Anniversary

20 years after the original Maxx PayneMax, the neo-noir shooter was released. Max is still an icon of video gaming, so Max’s original creators have reunited to celebrate his anniversary. Two men who gave Max his gravelly voice and scowling smile have reunited to celebrate Max’s anniversary. Max PaymentneFans can send a birthday message.

Sam Lake, Remedy’s creative director, was also the writer of Max Payne. However, he also gave Max his famous grimace by lending his face to the troubled ex-NYPD detective. James McCaffrey, who gave Max his distinctively deep voice and brought out all the noir-esque lines with his witty humor, was also on board. Together, the two of them made one of the best cops in video gaming history, and now they’ve teamed up once more to thank their fans.

Yesterday’s upload to the official Remedy Entertainment YouTube channel was a video that lasted almost two minutes, titled “Max Payne 20th anniversary”. McCaffrey, Lake, and Max are the two actors in the video. They wish Max Payne happy birthday and send their congratulations to his original creative team. Lake explained that only a few of the original Remedy, 3D Realms, or Rockstar staff members are still around, but he continues receiving messages from Max Payne fan about how important the games are. Max Payne could be considered one of the best action game heroes ever, so it may not surprise gamers to hear that the fanbase is still active.

Lake and McCaffrey thank the fans before Lake pulls out a box he claims he found in RemedyHQ’s basement. It contained a leather jacket. McCaffrey pulls his microphone closer to McCaffrey, and the pair team up again to become Max Payne.

Although Max Payne’s visual design is now quite different from that of Lake, the iconic smile can still be seen. It seems that Max also enjoyed the Max Payne3 lull. This live-action Max may have appeared to have stepped out from the first game, his hair cut and styled. In true Max fashion, he speaks mournfully about the inevitability of death before glumly wishing himself a happy birthday in a sequence that’s rather subdued for such a big game celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The video was warmly received by Max Python fans. There were many comments filled with fond reminiscings and quotes from the games. Many fans expressed their admiration for the fact that Remedy actually cared about Max Payne fans in an age where developers and publishers often take them for granted. Max Payne has racked up an incredible kill count over the years, but he’s also clearly gathered a lot of fondness from his fanbase.

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