Rumor: InXile Entertainment Working on Steampunk RPG

Rumor: InXile Entertainment Working on Steampunk RPG

Rumor: InXile Entertainment Working on Steampunk RPG

Many exciting projects are being worked on by the many teams that make up Microsoft Game Studios. One example isWasteland 3 developerInXileThe next game is still unannounced. The following was previously hinted atInXileIt’ll be a first-person RPG. This could indicate a dungeon crawler similar toward’s Tale 4Or something more in line with other games within Microsoft Game Studios. A new report now claims that inXile’s RPG is actually Project Cobalt, a steampunk RPG.

This report was provided by Jez Corden on the Xbox Two podcast. He gives a summary of early details regarding inXile’s project. Corden confirms that the inXile project codenamed Project Cobalt. They’re less confident in saying that it’s a steampunk RPG, saying it’s “supposedly” as such. Then they say that they are less certain that it is in first-person. This is strange considering that that’s information that was previously shared by inXile.

Corden teases that they may know more about Project Cobalt than they are claiming, but they choose to withhold this information. Corden also said that they don’t know when the game will be released, which could mean that it may still be a long way off. It’s unclear what other information Corden could be withholding about the first-person project.

InXile teased its next project via social media, as noted. Xbox shared a game of sorts where followers could click on a short video and whatever word they paused on would be the next game they play. InXile responded that it had landed on the words “NEW+RPG+FPS.” InXile had several job postings supporting this information. One job listing mentioned that he was responsible for creating “new first-person shooting gameplay features” in “next-generation action role-playing games,” even though the statement is contradictory.

Project Cobalt is an action RPG and FPS game. Steampunk, next-generation RPGs, and FPS games are all possible. inXile CEO Brian Fargo has previously teased multiple RPG projects being worked on at the company. Even though it is multiple projects, it looks like inXile has new ideas.

Microsoft’s acquisitions of many studios have brought out the best in people. They can work together on larger projects. InXile may be ready to forgo the trappings. Wasteland CRPG structure or the Bard’s TaleIt’s not dungeon crawling. They might be open-world RPGs such as fallout 3Or perhaps something linearer and more cinematic, like Final Fantasy. It’s an exciting time to live in.InXileFan.

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