Game-Breaking Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Is Giving Players Wallhacks

Game-Breaking Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Is Giving Players Wallhacks

Game-Breaking Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Is Giving Players Wallhacks

Some of the most popular Battle Royale games have had bugs and hackers in recent years. WhileApex LegendsHas dealt with cheaters who destroyed Ranked matches.CallWarzone: DutyIt has had its challenges. Many bugs, such as Red Doors and other issues, have been reported. The Heartbeat Sensor is not working due to a glitched game that has been plagued by these problems. Recently, oneWarzoneA brand new glitch allowed players to see through walls.

A Reddit user known as js0uthh noticed that their Call of Duty: Warzone game was acting strangely during a gaming session. The screen started flashing as the player turned a corner. These revealed enemies are hidden on the other side of the wall. The player was shocked by the strange twist of events and was able to use it to his advantage to eliminate the opposing team. Later, he posted the clip to Reddit and joked about how the game had given him superpowers.

Although the gamer tried to play legally, it is understandable that other players could get angry and believe that the cheater was deliberately cheating. Hackers are very common in Warzone. While this glitch enabled js0uthh to see through some objects, such as walls and buildings, others in the background appeared opaque. It is not clear what caused this game-breaking glitch. Reddit user js0uthh reported that the game crashed due to this bug.

For players who frequently visit the war-torn streets in Verdansk, this news should not be surprising. Warzone is used to dealing with issues that have had a significant impact on its competitive integrity over the years. The latest bug, which grants wallhacks free of charge to players who have the glitch, is very concerning. This gives them an unfair competitive advantage. Problems like the glitch encountered by js0uthh have even spurred popular streamers such as NICKMERCS to start playing other games until the developers manage to find fixes for the game’s numerous issues.

It will be interesting for developers to determine if the glitch persists in matches and if they can correct it. This does not mean that Call of Duty: Warzone’s bugs aren’t going away.

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