Games to Play If You Like Life is Strange

Games to Play If You Like Life is Strange

Games to Play If You Like Life is Strange

The Strangest LifeThis is an original video game series that is known for its unique storytelling and difficult decision-making. The original game, which features Max, the protagonist, and Chloe, her friend from childhood, has become so beloved that a remastered version is expected later in the year. Additionally, Life is Strange: True ColorsFans might also be interested in the new movie, which is expected to arrive this fall.

Life is Strange, with its combination of captivating plots, realistic characters, and difficult decisions has nothing quite like it. Tell Me Why is the most similar title, also by DONTNOD. It’s often considered an honorary Life is a Strange title. Many other games offer similar features. These are some games that will keep you entertained until Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead video game series may bear the closest resemblance to Life Is Strange, but it’s also one of the few games on this list that contains violence, although mildly compared to many other video games. Life is Strange is often compared with The Walking Dead because Telltale was the main developer that created point-click stories that required heavy decision-making.

While many may be familiar with the Walking Dead name from the TV series, the video games have a similar world to the comic series and a similar art style. Players will need to make tough decisions throughout the zombie saga (Life Is Strange), but they will eventually follow the same overall path. These changes are often made through the help of characters and the trust of other party members. While many people may find the Life is Strange games sad, The Walking Dead is far more heartbreaking. It’s episodic, which is another aspect of Life is Strange. Four games complete the story, which focuses primarily on Clementine, the child.


Oxenfree is another indie classic that has not been as popular as Life is Strange but is still a great game for fans. Its realistic portrayal of teens, particularly in the dialogue, is what makes it most similar to Live Is Strange. The role of Alex is played by the actors. She’s on her way to an illegal island overnight stay with some friends. Alex, Jonas her stepbrother, and their gang uncover something sinister at Edwards Island through a dialed radio.

Although Alex’s choices won’t be as significant as Max’s in Life is Strange’s, they will have an impact on the ending. Oxenfreemay is a bit spooky, appealing to the horror gaming genre, but it doesn’t have any jump scares. It is more about friendships than anything.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods, like Oxenfree or Life, is Strange, touches on horror but does not fully encompass the main themes. After leaving college, Mae, an anthropomorphic cat, returns to her hometown and struggles with adulthood. It’s a good imitation of Oxenfree in its portrayal of young-adult dialog. However, there is something that’s not right about the town. Night In The Woods is not a true story. It’s also a little satirical. It speaks to the modern teenager in a similar way that Life is Strange was inspired by Catcher in the Rye.

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