Why Stray is a Genius Game

Why Stray is a Genius Game

Why Stray is a Genius Game

Video game enthusiasts don’t often get the chance to play an adventure title with a cat. But that’s exactly what happens.StrayOffers. Cats and other pets are often reduced to supporting characters or mere pets that players can’t interact with at best.StrayThis is changed by using a cat named as the protagonist of the game. Although playing as a cat isn’t a new idea, it’s a fun one.StrayIt’s both entertaining and fun due to the progression of the game and what players can do during their journey through a cyberpunk world inhabited by humanoid robots.

One recurring sight when it comes to animals and pets in video games is that players sometimes can’t actually pet them, offer them food, let them warm by the fire, or anything of the sort. Stray allows the player to request cuddles from machines, or even lie down on pillows and listen to street music. Stray is truly special because it’s a true representation of a cat, which also fits in with the sci-fi narrative.

How Stray Offers Uniquely Accurate Gaming

As you might expect, the cat protagonist in Stray can also scratch a couch to create a mess of objects that players can interact with to solve puzzles or platforming challenges. Stray’s gameplay trailer was unveiled at the Annapurna Interactive showcase. It features sequences in which the cat protagonist can move around and throw objects, such as pushing a bucket into an electric fan to block it. This allows Stray safe passage through pipes. This is something cats do in real life, as some learn how to open doors, reach high places, or fit into small bowls.

Stray’s portrayal of the cat and B-12, a cute little drone called B-12, is innovative. The feline’s temperament becomes more plausible as the progression continues. The furry protagonist seems to not understand the lives of machine humans and does what pleases. The cat can ask for cuddles and speak with the machine humanoids regardless of their objective. Once they stop being interested, they can move on. This is typical cat behavior and Stray nails it.

Completing quests and helping NPCs are what Stray needs to see the story through. However, it also gives a unique perspective on cats’ perceptions of people and the world. Stray shows how the cat reacts to being attacked by a swarm that seems to pose a threat to all of its surroundings. This cute cat must be agile to escape the enemies. However, this quickly changes when the cat is given a laser that can rapidly eliminate the swarm of creatures.

Due to the way Stray is set up, it is very likely that Stray, thanks to the DualSense controller, will be a great title to play on PS5. A game with haptic feedback, 3D sound, and adaptive triggers could be a great addition to an already entertaining game for both animal lovers and gamers.

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