Destiny 2 assistant director reassures PvP players that they have not been abandoned

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion is set to be released on August 24th. However, Joe Blackburn, assistant game director shared his thoughts on the PvP mode via a lengthy thread on Twitter. Blackburn stated that the team had put a lot of effort into “plussing the current Crucible experience” and promised that more changes would be made in the next season, including a revamp of Trials of Osiris.
While Blackburn does not directly address the feeling that Destiny 2’s PvP community has felt, it is clear from his detail and the topics he addresses which audience he is speaking to. It’s unclear if the promises made in this thread, some of which are quite far away, will be enough to placate players who have not received a new map within 674 days.

Blackburn tweeted, “We have to keep our foot on gas when it comes revitalizing pvp pursuits & keeping gameplay metas fresh,” This is not something we will ever be satisfied with. We also know that we have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the development of new modes and maps.

Bungie’s “ultimate objective” is consistency and a predictable flow of new maps, modes and maps. However, it’s more difficult than you might think. Blackburn warned that players may not see concrete results for a while. Developers are bringing back two vaulted map for season 16. However, this is not an easy task because of the Beyond Light engine upgrade. This means that all maps and modes must be “handported”. Season 17 will feature a new map, while season 18 will include a remastered map of the original Destiny.

We also know that maps are only part of the equation. August 4, 2021

Developers are looking to bring Rift, a ball-dunking game mode, from The Taken King expansion, Destiny 2 into Destiny 2. They’re also developing new modes that will be available in 2022. Blackburn also tweeted that “we want to examine what other general systemic improvements are needed for the PVP ecosystem.” “We want to offer something similar to the Trials rework each year to players.”

This is a remarkable turnaround from a year ago when Bungie took nearly a dozen Crucible map (among others) out of the rotation to make Destiny 2 “lighter and more streamlined.” Even though it isn’t exactly a master plan, Destiny Fun Police acknowledged Blackburn for being open to discussing the future.

They tweeted, “It’s great that we finally have some dialog on what’s coming to the crucible.” “But, one map in S17 is a little too simple. We need at least three to four new maps to refresh our experience. This is a good start.

Bungie needs to create hype about their return to the Crucible to get the pvp community back in the game. They have 2 reissued maps that they removed and 1 new map. But it won’t do the trick. It’s a start, but it’s not enough. August 4, 2021

In his thread, Blackburn stated that his primary goal was not to forge the future but to inform people that Bungie is still involved in the case. He tweeted, “I wanted to make certain we shed some light on what’s happening behind the scenes here.” “Overall, we are still very interested to grow the amount of Destiny that we make each year.”

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