Everything Coming in Rust’s Underwater August Update

Everything Coming in Rust’s Underwater August Update

Everything Coming in Rust’s Underwater August Update

FacepunchRustIt is about adapting to new environments and doing what it takes for survival. Although the core mechanics of the game are important, monthly updates tend to change the way survivors in the wasteland interact. The July update brought an updated version of the game that included a wounded effect. This allows survivors to escape and continue fighting another day.Rust‘sUpdated July: DLSS support for Nvidia was added, as well as Voice Props DLC which allows players to antagonize neighbors further away.

Although the Rust update last month brought some improvements and new features to the game’s gameplay, it pales in comparison with what fans can expect from this next update on August 5th. They won’t be left guessing since most of the update is live on the staging branch. Some YouTubers also have detailed looks at the aquatic-themed update. Fans can expect improved oceans with sharks and fish to access underwater procedurally-generated labs with the new submarines this month.

Rust Improved Ocean Ecosystems

First, visibility will improve in the ocean. The post-apocalyptic island seems to be doing well ecologically. The water has cleared and started to thrive in new ways. This includes new wildlife in Rust. There are even fish animations and a shark with very low HP on its staging branch.

Fishing will now be possible thanks to the increased wildlife. The default blueprint for fishing will be the fishing pole. This should make it easier for many Rust players who struggle to find food. If you are more skilled at the hobby, you can trade your fish at a special vending station at the fishing village to receive scrap for any fish that they have caught.

Rusty Weapons, Subs and Labs: New Labs


The underwater labs are the first procedurally generated monuments that will spawn per wipe in Rust. This means that every time the player visits one, they will be unique from the one before. Some many levels and tunnels can be explored to find loot. There will be standard loot as well as keycards and computer stations that allow you to view the cameras in the lab. Some even have an arcade machine and a bar.

These labs are likely to be deep under the sea, so the only way to get there safely is with subs that can be rented at the fishing village. Rust’s subs can be used by either solo or double passengers. Both are equipped with rocket launchers that allow them to fire underwater or surface torpedos. Players who want to swim to the underwater labs will likely need the speargun to fight any sharks or other players that they come across.

According to ShadowFrax (a popular Rust content creator), the new update will be released on August 5th. It’s easy to see how the game has nearly 100,000 concurrent users, thanks to the monthly updates. This update appears to be large and will see fans attempting to kill each other underwater within no time.

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