This Skyrim third-person mod looks dope

Bethesda games are known for their hilarious third-person perspective. What is the default first-person view? The deep voiceover, booming “epic fantasy adventures!” can be heard almost immediately. It’s easy to forget that it is third person. The voice almost instantly transforms into yakety jazz music, as your avatar wriggles around the landscape.
Skyrim mods exist that add various modifications to the third-person perspective. Here are the top Skyrim SE mods. True Directional Movement, which was first clocked by Eurogamer, is more than just allowing full 360deg movement. To make it feel more modern, the mod has added a lot of extra features, such as a target lock that can be used to aim projectiles and a target lock.

Ersh writes that the mod started as a small SKSE plug-in which introduced the core feature, true directional 360deg’ movement. It was then that I realized it required a custom target lock component because it didn’t work with the other mods. My vision was not possible to fully realize with current mods. I continued to add custom features to my core idea or other changes. Each one was made to feel as if it fit the vanilla game as possible.

The mod allows you to move and attack in any direction, in third-person. It also supports projectile aiming support, mount directional movement, camera fixes, keyboard and mouse support, and modular interface that allows for you to toggle all these features on and off.

Ersh explains with some pride that this is not a fake attempt to achieve “360deg movement”, unlike other attempts. Because the rotation of the player’s character is changed, melee, sprinting and all other functions work correctly.

It looks incredible. It is not difficult to install. However, there are some steps that must be followed. NexusMods has the True Directional Movement Mod.

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