Grand Theft Auto Online Players Recreate Mario Kart Race

Grand Theft Auto Online Players Recreate Mario Kart Race

Grand Theft Auto Online Players Recreate Mario Kart Race

Rockstar Games supportsGrand Theft Auto OnlineFans are finding new ways to enjoy the available content. The online mode has just received the latest addition: Los Santos Tuners UpdateA brand new club allows players to show off their new cars and put the pedal to the metal. Some players have taken advantage of some of the updates to create a race that pays homage to the original. Mario Kart.

The LS Car Meet was one of the updates. It is a special facility for all Grand Theft Auto Online gearheads. This allows players to decorate their cars where they won’t get attacked by other players. This place also lets players purchase a brand new set of cars. A brand new underground track was also added. This allows players to race it Mario Kart style.

A Reddit user named iosgamer2day posted a clip on the r/gtaonline forum of him and other players taking part in a race for go-karts that was inspired by Mario Kart. Players were dressed as different equivalents to Mario Kart’s playable roster at the start of the clip. The original poster dressed up as Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach. Similar to some of the latest entries from the Mario Kart franchises, players raced in either go-karts and motorbikes.

As players are used to Grand Theft Auto Online and Mario Kart, there was some chaos. The players are racing to be the fastest, but without the random item boxes such as banana peels and green shells to help them disrupt their opponents. The Mario Kart racetrack Coconut Mall is also a good choice, given its underground location and the number of players who are constantly flipping.

It’s not the first time creative Mario fans have paid tribute to Grand Theft Auto. The invading Wario caused chaos in Los Santos, California not too long ago. Players from the GTA roleplaying server had to defeat him.

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