Metroid Dread: Will There Be DLC?

Metroid Dread: Will There Be DLC?

Metroid Dread: Will There Be DLC?

Metroid DreadIn just two months, it will be available. Many Samus Aran fans and Nintendo enthusiasts find the game very exciting. The public may not realize that the next bounty hunter’s adventure didn’t exist until two months ago. However, the Nintendo Switch now offers a brand new 2D experience. Some may wonder if the game is actually available. Metroid DreadPost-launch, additional content will be available in the form of downloadable material.

It is easy to feel the excitement surrounding Nintendo’s next Metroid title. This was evident when Metroid Dread, immediately following E3, became Amazon’s best-selling game. It’s been many years since there was a new Metroid title, and seventeen years since a 2D game. While it would be reasonable for some fans to wish for more than the game, DLC is not clear.

Metroid Dread Will Come with DLC?

It is unlikely that Metroid Dread will release post-launch DLC, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Metroid Dread has been in the works for 16 years off and on, so when it finally releases for the public one would think that the full breadth of content would be made available. It would be interesting to see The Big N delay in providing new content months after its release.

Important to remember is that Metroid Dread will end Samus’ current story. Metroid Dread, which will end the story of all the 2D Metroid titles, will be the last title. DLC can tell a story that is interwoven with the games or a spin-off tale. However, Nintendo has made the final chapter. Metroid Prime has a different storyline. Nintendo can create a new plot using a new set of games, but it would be surprising if that were done via DLC.

Mario Party Superstars is another game heading to the Nintendo Switch this October. Some gamer sleuths noticed that the Switch store posted the game. It states that it supports in-game purchases. Many thought Mario Party Superstars was DLC. However, the game appears to offer some in-game DLC. This could include new characters, boards, and games. Fans have yet to notice that Metroid Dread will be arriving sooner than Mario Party Superstars. However, this does not necessarily mean that DLC will not be in the future.

Metroid Dread could soon be revealed with more information

According to rumors, the next Nintendo Direct might be Metroid Dread-focused. Nintendo may let fans know DLC is coming after launch. This could mean that post-launch content will be story-based or smaller content like unique costumes and new modes. Nintendo should take advantage of the Metroid game launch that has been so long.

Metroid Dread sets the stage for Metroid Prime 4 at some points. Some people prefer the 2D side-scrolling games to the first-person ones, and vice versa. A Prime 4 update would be a great dream come true. Metroid Dread could help the franchise breathe new life into it, giving it more time to succeed when it launches.

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