Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Gives Arthur A Hosea-Themed Makeover

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Gives Arthur A Hosea-Themed Makeover

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Gives Arthur A Hosea-Themed Makeover

Red Dead Redemption 2Some of the most memorable characters in the series are well-written. There are many members of the Van der Linde Gang that players can interact with. Red Dead Redemption 2. One player has now dressed Arthur Morgan up to be one of the Van der Linde gang’s most beloved members, and the results are astonishingly accurate.

Red Dead Redemption 2 introduces new gang members to the game. While John Marston and Arthur Morgan have had a powerful emotional impact on many players, they are not playable characters. Hosea Matthews is one of Van der Linde’s earliest members and has a strong connection to Arthur Morgan. A few players might not be aware that Arthur can dress up as Hosea.

A Reddit user by the name of HighGround16 tracked down articles of clothing in-game that most closely resemble Hosea’s main look in the game. Although the colors may not match exactly, the similarities are striking. Arthur is wearing the same type of hat as Hosea. The jacket is identical to Hosea’s. Arthur also has the same neckerchief color as Hosea.

It’s a meta-narrative pleasure to see Arthur dressed as Hosea. It’s evident that Hosea had a strong influence on Arthur Morgan’s childhood, and served as a surrogate father figure to him, as shown throughout Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur might therefore be able to wear the same man that had such an impact on him.

Some gamers think Hosea would make an excellent protagonist for Red Dead Redemption 3. This would be logical, considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 was a prequel to the events of John Marston. A similar narrative model could be used for the third Red Dead Redemptioninstallment. The player would play as Hosea in the early days of Wild West and see the Van Der Linde gang at their peak.

A third Red Dead Redemptioninstallment is unlikely to be released anytime soon. It took eight years to make the second Red Dead Redemption installment, and Rockstar Games is focusing heavily on Red Dead Online now, so it’s likely that we won’t be seeing another Red Dead Redemption sequel for quite some time.

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