Hollow Knight: Silksong Can Take a Lesson From Pikmin

Hollow Knight: Silksong Can Take a Lesson From Pikmin

Hollow Knight: Silksong Can Take a Lesson From Pikmin

Cherry’s TeamHollow KnightIt is widely considered one of the most successful Metroidvania-styled games ever created. This is a testament to the talents of the small team that worked on it. It’s easy to make comparisons between the genres, given the first half. Hollow KnightAndNintendo’s 2D Metroid classic games are both action-platformers that let players learn new skills and explore more of their maps. But, there are some limitations. Silksong: Hollow KnightReleases, it would be fascinating to see it draw inspiration from another Nintendo franchise.Pikmin.

Although Pikmin and Hollow Knight are in different genres, Pikmin is more of a real-time strategy game with puzzles that revolve around the wrangling of its vegetable-shaped creatures. However, they share many aesthetic similarities. Hollow Knight is set in a world of sentient bugs that live underground. Pikmin, on the other hand, follows intergalactic explorers about the same size as bugs who land on Earth. Pikmin is a mix of Metroidvania-style progression. Different colored Pikmin can access new areas in older locations. It would be logical for the games to overlap more. Hollow Knight: Silksong could take advantage of Pikmin’s relative sense of scale.

How Pikmin plays with Scale

Both have been sized up in Super Smash Bros., but Olimar, the protagonist of Pikmin 2, Pikmin 2, and Hey! Pikmin, as well as Alph, one of the three protagonists in Pikmin 3, are canonically tiny. Hocotatians are smaller than Koppaites. When either species arrives on Earth (called PNF-404), they are surrounded by plants and man-made objects such as flowerpots or tin cans. Human constructions make it possible to build entire areas, such as the Perplexing Pool in Pikmin2. Many of its caves are constructed from ceramic pool tiles.

Olimar searches for parts of his ship, S.S. Dolphin in the Pikmin, and this leaves scale to environmental details. The subsequent entries will focus on collecting objects people are more likely to recognize and can use to compare sizes. Pikmin2 is about collecting treasures that are inspired by real-world objects such as knit gloves and soda bottle caps. Pikmin 3 follows the three Koppaites as they search for different fruits to sustain themselves and save their homeworld from a famine.

This sense of scale is a benefit to the Pikmin franchise’s adventurous spirit. It’s easier to see the uphill struggle of being small in a huge’s world when you compare the protagonists to fruits or playing cards, rather than their own technologies. Hollow Knight: Silksong might be a good example.

Why Hollow Knight: Silksong could Benefit from This

The audience playing Hollow Knight is acutely aware of the existence of insect pests like mantises and pill bugs, but they rarely encounter any evidence of human society with a greater sense of scale. It’s not necessary. However, it is interesting to search the remnants of Hallownest for evidence of the kingdom’s past. Although Hollow Knight may not have humans, Hornet can be brought to Pharloom to experience what it would look like if they did.

To achieve this goal, a human might not need to appear in Hollow Knight. Hornet may come across bottles caps left behind by an alien source, just like in Pikmin. There is still room for her to meet beings beyond her understanding. Hollow Knight: Silksong takes a page out of Little Nightmares and allows her to have encounters with huge bosses that she recognizes as human or domesticated animals. While some might think this would diminish the isolated universe Hollow Knight created, it could be an entertaining way to add spectacle and challenge to the anticipated sequel.

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