Mass Effect Fan Shares Neat Tali Face Concepts

Mass Effect Fan Shares Neat Tali Face Concepts

Mass Effect Fan Shares Neat Tali Face Concepts

For the majority of the mass EffectTrilogy, Tali’Zorah, the brilliant Quarian mechanic companion, has been shown with her eyes completely covered by the tinted veil of her environmental suit. One fan took the little hints of mass Effect: Legendary EditionYou can also run with them, giving you a total of five possible ways to get Tali’s hidden face.

Redditor poyedateldetey seems to have drawn inspiration from concept art, what little fans know about Tali after Mass Effect: Legendary Edition altered her face. This led to several possibilities for what might be underneath her helmet. These results are strikingly humanoid, delicate, and elven with a design that faintly reminds of a gecko.

The top left shows a lizardfish representation of Tali. It features a mottled, blue-purple-colored skin with a flat nose and white pupils. There are also black sclera and patterns on her forehead and cheeks. While this rendition is the least humanoid, it appears to have taken some nods from a glimpse of Tali’s face visible through an IV bag. The middle row shows a pink-skinned Tali with glowing blue eyes, a fleshy crown in her place, and long blonde hair. On the right is an elven Tali with a narrow face and light purple skin. These faces would look great behind the visor of a Tali character or cosplay.

The bottom left shows a human-like Tali, with dark brown skin and grey lips. She also has straight cheekbones, light purple streaks on her cheekbones, and lilac eyes. In the bottom right, she has grey skin with black markings that split her chin into quarters and purple spots on her forehead. This makes her look similar to Pinhead in the Hellraiser franchise. All of these designs are striking, memorable, and fit with the suit Tali never takes off, though some of these faces are certainly more alien than others.

These designs were warmly received by Mass Effect fans, especially the more alien, as of writing. One user was disappointed that Quarians were depicted as grey humanoid creatures in the games. He wished for an inhuman design. Two other users stated they liked the top left because it added color to a design that was based on Matt Rhodes’ concept art for Tali. Responses across the board were complimentary and affectionate to the character, which is hardly surprising since Tali’s official body pillow sold out of stock a week after release.

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