Pokemon Unite: Talonflame Build Guide & Tips

Pokemon Unite: Talonflame Build Guide & Tips

Pokemon Unite: Talonflame Build Guide & Tips

For most offensive strategies, being fast and furious on a battlefield can pose risks. However, those with superior mobility may be able to avoid a lot of danger simply by being more cautious. This can be very useful in MOBA games such as Pokemon Unite, where speed is key.

Talonflame can be used by all types of trainers, whether they are newbies or veterans in MOBA. However, it is relatively simple to use, despite the Fire and Flying-type’s low HP and defenses. Players should either focus on delivering as much damage as possible in quick bursts or speeding up their movement to make them as fast as the wind when choosing this pokemon to battle.

Talonflame Boosted Attack Build

Talonflame Boosted Attack Build Moveset

  • Aerial Ace
  • Fly

Talonflame Boosted attack Build Items

  • Attack Weight (Held Item).
  • Muscle Band (Held Item).
  • Scope Lens (Held Item).
  • X Attack (Battle Item)

Tips on How to Use the Taloneflame Boosted Attack Build Effectively

It is important to remember that every 3rd Basic Attack from Talonflame has a boosted attack that, instead of attacking the foe in front of it, creates a brief fiery whirlwind with a limited area of effect around him. This build is designed to strike enemies as hard as possible using a move, before unleashing tons of boost attacks to deal high burst damage.

Aerial Ace is a skill that players can learn when they have reached a sufficient level to be able to use to quickly attack foes from the air. This will make their next basic attack a more powerful one. Combine this with the effects Muscle Band, Attack Weight, and Scope Lens to increase critical hits. Aerial Ace can be used by players to increase their DPS. Aerial Ace can be used by players to escape from danger if they feel it is becoming dangerous.

The fly works similarly, but it can be used to ambush opponents over a larger area. Fly, like Aerial Ace, deals damage and turns the next basic attack into an enhanced attack. However, there are a few positive traits to it. This allows players to become invulnerable at will and cover ground faster than usual. The dive-bomb section ofFly can also do a lot of damage. It is an excellent tool to take out fleeing or weak foes, or start combat from above.

Talonflame High-Mobility Build


Talonflame High-Mobility Build Moveset

  • Flame Charge
  • Brave Bird

Talonflame High-Motility Build Items

  • Float Stone (Held Item)
  • Muscle Band (Held Item).
  • Scope Lens (Held Item).
  • X Speed (Battle Item).

Tips on How to Use the Taloneflame High Mobility Build Effectively

This build will require you to avoid damage and recover HP (using goal zones or berries that spawn on a battlefield) due to the avian pokemon’s ability to Gale wings. Talonflame runs faster the higher their HP. This is a crucial trait for those who are interested in speeding up their movement.

This build’s greatest asset is Flame Charge. It grants you a greater speed for a few seconds. This speed boost allows Taloneflame while peppering enemies with blows, to get in and out of the enemy’s combat range faster. Although this does not always result in takedowns, it can be distracting and dangerous for foes who are trying to score while backup arrives. This increased speed should be used by players to ensure that they are constantly moving and don’t stop. This will enable Talonflame players almost always to be one step ahead.

Brave Bird can do enough damage without causing too much damage. Because Brave Bird resets your cooldown, players should use it immediately after they have used Flame Charge. (Or Aerial Ace, if the player has selected that option instead of Flame Charge).

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