Red Dead Online Player Recreates Trevor From Grand Theft Auto 5

Red Dead Online Player Recreates Trevor From Grand Theft Auto 5

Red Dead Online Player Recreates Trevor From Grand Theft Auto 5

In the three years that have followed, Red Dead OnlineLaunch of the Online Offering red Dead Redemption 2It has been a hub for fan-created masterpieces. Rockstar’s open-world adventure set in the Old West has inspired many fans to use the abundance of character creation options to pay tribute to their favorite TV shows and video games. Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online’sdroves has a lot of talented and creative fans who have used the in-game character customization feature of the cowboy shooter to create incredible representations of iconic characters across different media. Many of these creations are great. Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher’s Geralt, has gotten ready for a wild adventure in the Old West thanks to the many options available for both outfits and facial features. Recently, a fan wanted to combine two of Rockstar’s most popular franchises with their Red Dead Online characters.

Reddit user HappySlave15 used Red Dead Online’s customization options to imagine Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto 5 during the era of cowboys, outlaws. This stunning creation captures Trevor’s trademark scowl and features a receding hairline. The creation comes with a denim jacket that looks similar to the one Trevor wore in Grand Theft Auto V promotional material. Despite being in a wholly different setting than the deserts of Blaine County, the old west interpretation manages to capture the look of the dangerous criminal Trevor Phillips.

The creation was praised by fellow fans in the comment section for its striking resemblance with the Grand Theft Auto 5protagonist. Some joked about how the Red Dead Online creations had more hair than Trevor, the 2013 state of San Andreas. Trevor has become a fan favorite amongst fans of Grand Theft Auto V for his chaotic and mentally unhinged attitude which allows the character to fit in well in an era that was often “kill or be killed”.

Red Dead Online has become a tool for creating characters that are a great canvas for some of the series’ most talented and creative fans. Fans continue to create stunning representations of their favorite properties in Red Dead Online, including popular characters from shows such as Invincible’s Omni-Man or classic Western homages such as Buster Scruggs. Fans of Rockstar’s cowboy Western will likely continue to create amazing creations, as the online title continues to receive new content via frequent updates.

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