No Man’s Sky teases new expansion, Frontiers, in 5-year anniversary video

It’s amazing how fast time goes! It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been half-a decade since No Man’s Sky was launched. However, Hello Games released their space exploration sandbox August 9, 2016.

It was five years ago today, and Hello Games released a video to commemorate the occasion.

These five years have been very memorable. The launch of No Man’s Sky was rough. There were major performance issues and missing multiplayer features. It also felt like the game wasn’t living up to its pre-release hype, which would have been impossible given the hype was so high.

But Hello Games didn’t sit idle. Since the original launch of No Man’s Sky, the small studio has added an astonishing number of features. This anniversary video shows us the rapid evolution of No Man’s Sky. It includes base-building, ground vehicles and an expanded story. VR compatibility, VR compatibility, VR compatibility, VR compatible, VR compatible, living ships, mechs and rideable creatures. A player hub, expeditions and improved visuals. No Man’s Sky has really come a long ways.

Hello Games hasn’t stopped growing over the past five year, despite all of that. The video ends with a glimpse of what’s next: Frontiers, another No Man’s Sky update, is coming.

We don’t know much about the project at this time, other than the name. The logo is shown in Alien opening credits fashion. As the ominous music plays, the letters slowly appear on the screen. I’m not sure if this is a hint that the expansion will involve aliens or just some sci-fi flair. Hello Games says that we will soon learn more about Frontiers.

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