The Next Pokemon Game Should Be in the Style of Octopath Traveler

The Next Pokemon Game Should Be in the Style of Octopath Traveler

The Next Pokemon Game Should Be in the Style of Octopath Traveler

ThePokemonFranchise has been around since the beginning. This year marks its 25th anniversary. WhenPokemon RedAndGreenThe games were first released in 1996 and featured pixel art just like other Nintendo titles. This trend was stopped with the release of pokemon XAndYIt gradually phased out 2D art, starting withPokemon Diamond and PearlThe exhibit featured a mixture of 3D graphics and sprites.

The Pokémonfranchise has experimented with many different styles in recent years. The most famous are those of Pokemon GO, while Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond feature chibi characters. They evoke the feel of the original pair but modernize them a bit. Pokemon Legends Arceus might have some of the best graphics. It draws inspiration from Breath of the Wild. Many fans still miss the original Game Boy graphics and pixel art that the franchise began with. Octopath traveler has managed to meet both visual modernization requirements and nostalgic sprites particularly.

How Octopath Traveler Elevated Pixel art

There aren’t many titles with the same visual style as Octopath Wanderer, so Octopath is the leading game with HD-2D graphics. Square Enix was impressed by the game’s success and created more HD-2D games, including Project Triangle Strategy (supposedly still in development).

Octopath was developed using many factors. These included depth, clarity, and resolution. Some elements, such as water, had photorealistic properties. This aesthetic is a result of the older JRPG games like Final Fantasy. Some gamers prefer sprites as “8-bit” and “16-bit”, while others like grass or the textures of surfaces retain the same quality. This style is revived by mixing it with 3D backgrounds, particles, and light rays. This visual design also features modernized menus and animated text.

Pokemon’s Graphics in Modern Day

It was criticized when Game Freak decided to keep some 2D graphics after Pokemon Pearl and Diamond. Since then, fans have felt that the franchise is behind in graphics, which may explain why many Pokémontitles play with different art styles. Due to the limitations of the 3DS’ technology, many people were unhappy with the implementation of 3D in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It wasn’t until Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch that the mainline games could catch up.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that many players want the franchise to go “backward” rather than “forward.” Based on the work of Octoberopath Traveler, it may be possible to satisfy both of these requests. Although the animated chibi characters of Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond have their own charm, it is obvious that long-time Pokemon enthusiasts know that the franchise has been slowing down in graphics and gameplay. The Pokemon Company has the chance to experiment with HD-2D graphics, regardless of which mainline games follow the remakes.

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