Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updates Nintendo Should Prioritize for 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updates Nintendo Should Prioritize for 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updates Nintendo Should Prioritize for 2021

Animal Crossing – New HorizonsThe game was released at a time when many people were experiencing a global shutdown. This allowed many fans to fully enjoy the game. Although Nintendo promised that the game would be updated as time progressed, many fans are becoming increasingly frustrated by the infrequent updates. This is because animal Crossing – New HorizonsAlthough there are still updates available, most of them are simply items that have been added to the game. Fans have been requesting updates with more substance than just new items.

In 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced new features, including the ability to grow and harvest pumpkins and swimming and the ability to purchase bushes. Redd also returned to the game. Animal Crossing was lacking many of the classic features that were present in previous games. Some have made a comeback in future updates. Although the game is more polished now than when it launched, there are still some missing features that fans consider essential and thus, the overall experience is lacking. Nintendo recently stated that there will be more Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates in 2021. Fans are hopeful that one or more of the old features will return.

Gyroids in The Animal Crossing Franchise

Gyroids were inspired by Haniwa clay figurines, which look like humanoids. They were a furniture item players could find along with fossils buried underground. The first Animal Crossing game introduced Gyroids. They were an integral part of every Animal Crossing game until Animal Crossing New Horizons when they were removed. Gyroids are furniture items that emit a certain sound depending on the type and family of the Gyroids activated. A room can only have a limited number of Gyroids, so if one is not turned on, another will.

Lloid, the NPC collecting donations for public works projects, is the only Gyroid that makes an appearance in Animal Crossing. It is possible to find Gyroids in New Horizon’suniverse. However, Nintendo has yet to decide if they will return. Gyroids will typically make random noises when activated. However, if music is playing, they will stick to the music. Though the player can normally have a limited amount of Gyroids activated at any given time, the combination of Gyroid and music would make for a unique ambiance for different parts of a player’s island if Gyroids were to make a return.

Brewster’s Cafe – The Roost

Brewster and his cafe The Roost are a popular request that data mining suggests could be in the making. Brewster is an NPC that fans would love to see a return. He offers another outlet for social interaction. Players can interact with other villagers at his cafe and buy a coffee for them. The player will eventually be able to choose the type of coffee they want. Brewster is a character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that allows the player to make the perfect cup for his patrons. This eventually leads to Brewster rewarding him with his own brand, the Brewstoid.

Combining more social activities with villager players and being rewarded with Gyroids would give both Brewster & Gyroids a welcome upgrade if they are added to Animal Crossing. New Horizons will also include this feature. For example, player emotes were not available when the player visited The Marquee of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, the player now receives random player emotes from villagers which make The Marquee redundant unless it is reworked.

Find More Animal Crossing Shops

Animal Crossing – New Horizons is clear that the player has a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing their island. Players cannot move the Town Plaza, which is fixed in place at the beginning of the game. Animal Crossing games in the past had more shops than Nook’s Cranny. However, New Horizons has more shops because the salesperson visits on different days each week. This allows players to customize their islands without having to reserve space. Unfortunately, many key shops from the past are no longer available.

Gracie Gracie is a very popular shop in the Animal Crossing series. It sells high-end furniture and clothing. Gracie, a Giraffe fashionista and shopper, would update her inventory frequently, allowing the player hundreds of thousands of Bells to purchase furniture pieces that aren’t currently in New Horizons. Although Gracie had a large shop building that could house her wares on multiple floors, it is not clear how she would be implemented in New Horizons. Gracie and her furniture designs would be a welcome addition to players, as their bank accounts will continue to fill.

Fans are disappointed that New Horizon’s Nook’s Cranny has few upgrades compared with Animal Crossing games. There are very few surprises in the shop, as it can only be upgraded once. The shop can only be upgraded once, so players would like to have more furniture and possibly new shops. The Fortune Shop could also be reintroduced to the series.

There have been many minor changes to the Animal Crossing series. With a game like New Horizons, which can be updated for years, it’s not impossible that some of these features might make a comeback. Fortune Cookies were an item that could only be purchased daily and rewarded the player with Nintendo-related products. While Super Mario items were recently introduced, other Nintendo-related items like Metroid and Legend of Zelda have not. Nintendo should reimplement tie-ins for New Horizons as soon as there are newer franchises. This, along with the soccer ball players loved to kick around.

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