Borderlands 4: The Case for a Playable Ava

Borderlands 4: The Case for a Playable Ava

Borderlands 4: The Case for a Playable Ava

Since its publication, borderlands 3Ava has been criticized by fans. Although Ava was introduced in the last game, many people have not liked her attitude or the way she is presented.BorderlandsFans. Not connecting with the audience is likely to return as a character, which could be a problem for some fans.

Ava wasn’t a fan-favorite character right from the beginning. Ava is Maya’s apprentice, and she wants to be a vault hunter. However, there’s not much that Ava can do that will make her a compelling character for players to root for. The main problem was Maya’s suicide. Ava was not only responsible, but she refused to take the blame and was even a bit irritable about it. Ava, who was Maya’s fan favorite, was not prepared for her new role as Borderlands 3’s character.

Ava’s Redemption

Gearbox saw that Ava wasn’t well-received and made clear efforts to improve her appearance. The Director’s Cut DLC included a deleted scene where Ava has a more humane reaction to Maya’s death. Many fans were puzzled after the animation was released. This scene completely changed the perception of Ava.

Aside from the deleted scenes, there were additional quests in Director’s Cut DLC that featured Ava. These helped players feel closer to the character. Although the “Mysteriousliers” series doesn’t directly relate to the main story, side quests allow players to reconnect with Ava. The Murder Mysteries, together with the DLC cut scene, seem to be a way to make peace between the young Siren.

However, Gearbox’s effort might not have been enough to make all players forgive Ava. Ava’s perception could vary from one player to another. There are good reasons to give Ava another chance, perhaps giving her more protagonism.

Ava’s Role in Borderlands 4

Ava is most likely to make an appearance, despite the lack of information about Borderlands 4. Furthermore, Ava could even be the next playable Siren. It seems that Ava is the only reason not to make her the next playable Siren. This should not be taken lightly as it could impact the game’s sales. Gearbox has a great opportunity to create a more appealing marketing campaign for Ava.

Ava isn’t a beloved character in the franchise, but there are many pros and cons to making her a playable character. Ava’s personal story has become more complex since Maya’s death. This could make her a compelling character, possibly one of the most interesting in Borderlands 3. It could help Ava become more relatable over time, which could benefit the Borderlands narrative moving forward.

Furthermore, it has been established that Sirens play an important role in the Borderlands universe. The gearbox is unlikely to ignore Ava now that she is a part of this group. Fans could feel more involved in the story and contribute to Ava’s development by making Ava playable.

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