Pokemon Center Stores Close Across Japan Indefinitely Due To Pandemic Concerns

Pokemon Center Stores Close Across Japan Indefinitely Due To Pandemic Concerns

Pokemon Center Stores Close Across Japan Indefinitely Due To Pandemic Concerns

In 1998, Tokyo was the first Pokemon Center to open. Since then, many more have opened throughout Japan. These Pokemon Centers will be closed indefinitely by the Pokemon Company due to pandemic fears.

Pokemon Centers often stock merchandise unique to the series, which fans would have difficulty finding elsewhere. They won’t soon revisit their favourite stores as The Pokemon Company hasn’t set a date when they will open. There will be 14 Pokemon Centers in Japan and seven smaller Pokemon Stores.

Japanese Pokemon enthusiasts have until Saturday to visit their favourite Pokemon Centre before it closes indefinitely. The 14 Pokemon Centers that are currently closed include Fukuoka and Hiroshima as well as Kyoto, Nagoya. Osaka DX. Osaka DX. Sapporo. Shibuya. Skytree Town. Tohoku. Tokyo DX. Tokyo Bay. Yokohama. Pokemon fans can continue to visit these locations in limited ways until Saturday.

Gotemba and Kansai Airports, Narita Airports, Okinawa Rycoms, Outlet Kisarazus, Shin Chitose Airports, Tokyo Station, and Okinawa Rycom will all be closing their Pokemon stores in Japan. These closures will affect some areas more than others because Pokemon Center locations overlap with Pokemon Store locations. These Pokemon Stores will be accessible in limited ways until Saturday.

In Japan, COVID-19 rates are rising, and one Pokemon Center has been directly affected by the virus. An employee at the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo branch just recently tested positively with COVID-19. The Mega Tokyo branch is located in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighbourhood. Mega Tokyo was already closed due to the confirmed case.

In addition to the closing of Pokemon Centers and Stores throughout the region, Pokemon Cafes will also be closing in Osaka and Tokyo. After the closures, the only Pokemon Center that will remain open is in Kanazawa. Three Pokemon Stores in Okayama Prefecture will be open on Saturday.

Japan’s recent extension of its emergency status may also have led to The Pokemon Company closing these retail stores. Japan’s state of emergency is expanding to include eight additional prefectures. Some of these stores might reopen after COVID-19 cases recede, but the Kansai Airport or Okayama locations will not.

Many Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores are closing shortly, but they will still be available for purchase. Online Pokemon CenterThe door will remain unclosed. This will permitPokemonFans can order items they wouldn’t get in a retail store and continue to place orders. As The Pokemon Company prepares to close many of its retail locations, preventative measures will be taken.

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