Why The Witcher Could Struggle Without Geralt

Why The Witcher Could Struggle Without Geralt

Why The Witcher Could Struggle Without Geralt

Geralt’s success as an RPG protagonist will see CD Projekt Red-faced with a problem in the future. Geralt’s replacement must strike the same balance. They should feel well-defined and yet flexible enough to allow the player to make different choices. It is difficult to imagine how this dynamic could be recreated without CD Projekt Red creating another character like Geralt, who is a stoic and has a similar moral code (and willingness to break it).

CD Projekt Red needs to find or create a character who is just as immersive as Geralt without that character feeling like they’re just cosplaying as Geralt. It could be difficult to consider Geralt’s unique personality traits that make him a successful character rather than a mere character.

CD Projekt Red could benefit from The Witcher’s moral ambiguity to help solve the problem of Geralt being replaced. The stories of characters such as The Witcher 3’s Bloody Baron have so many moral greys it’s easy for most characters to see themselves being open to making different choices when presented.

The next Witcher game may not be as successful if the new player character isn’t stoic like Geralt. However, the character in the next Witcher video might struggle to find the right balance. This will create a clear character but is not easily understood enough to be a great RPG hero. The future of the Witcher game is uncertain, but CD Projekt Red will be able to recreate its past successes with Geralt.

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