Everything You Need to Know About the Hollow Knight-Inspired Crowsworn

Everything You Need to Know About the Hollow Knight-Inspired Crowsworn

Everything You Need to Know About the Hollow Knight-Inspired Crowsworn

Mongoose Rodeo is trying to win its gameCrowswornKickstarter funding. Since the hollow KnightMongoose rodeo updated the Kickstarter page to add more goals and additional content after the inspired game met its goal just a few hours following funding. The success ofCrownswornKickstarter seems to indicate that this Metroidvania could have a lot of potentials.

Although the game is still in development, the trailer generated a lot of conversation. Fans noticed that Crowsworn reminded them of Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. There are many similarities, including the health bar, animations for enemies taking damage, and the movement of some foes. The game is unique in its own way.


Crowsworn is about a mysterious, crow-like protagonist who has a Van Helsing feel. The main character awakens from their grave and must travel through Angsthel in Fearanndal to discover what happened. It seems that the main objective is to find out why the protagonist was buried in an unnamed grave and unravel the mysteries surrounding the curse.

Mongoose Rodeo’s information so far suggests that Crowsworn will adopt a magical tone. Although the details are still to be revealed, there will be an undead theme to the game’s narrative. Hollow Knight’s influence over Crowsworn is something that people might notice immediately, but the story goes in a different direction and sets it apart from Team Cherry’s Metroidvania.

Crowsworn seems to be more dependent on RPG elements. A system of constellations will be used in the game that can be used to improve some aspects of the main character’s skills and weapons. On the other hand, Runes can be divided into three types: flesh, blood, or spirit. Runes work in a similar way to Hollow Knight’s charms, which can alter the protagonist’s abilities.


One of the key elements of Metroidvania games is acquiring new abilities that allow players to go back to parts of the previously inaccessible map. Crowsworn also has this dynamic, which will encourage players to explore. Crowsworn stands out from other games of the genre with a more complicated battle style for its main character.

Mongoose rodeo has so far revealed that the main character will have three types of weapons to defeat foes. These are a scythe and pistols, as well as Corvian magic. This gives a lot of information about the game. Crowsworn is likely to include more than just a close-combat style such as Hollow Knight. The scythe seems to be the only weapon that can be used at a short-range. Pistols will allow players to fight foes at a greater distance and expand the character’s reach.

Corvian magic seems to offer a wider range of combat abilities. The Kickstarter details reveal that the Corvian magic will allow the main character to use close- and long-range attacks with dark magic powers. Although the Corvian magic is more powerful than the pistol and scythe, it requires Malice to function. Malice is a bit like Hollow Knight’s soul system. It can be obtained by hitting enemy foes and then used for other attacks.

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