Halo Infinite Leaves Fans With One Strange Mystery

Halo Infinite Leaves Fans With One Strange Mystery

Halo Infinite Leaves Fans With One Strange Mystery

Halo InfiniteGamescom this year announced the release date for ‘. This is a big surprise to many fans as it comes earlier than expected. After significant delays, both the campaign and multiplayer versions of the game will be available on December 8.

However, the marketing materials for Halo Infinite have raised many questions about this story. Many fans are still trying to understand the significance of Halo Infinite’s premise. It seems unlikely that a key character will disappear, as it is based on past Halostories.

Escharum and The Banished

The Banished, a group of mercenaries who were once aligned to the Covenant, will be Halo Infinite’s main antagonists. The Halo Infinite leader appears to be a Brute called Escharum. He was seen in one of the trailers. As in Halo Wars 2, their goal appears to be to capture the Halo Ring, one galaxy’s most powerful weapon. Many Halo fans found the change of leadership to be strange.

Fans last left Escharum to see that he was the second-in-command of the Banished. He had taken the position after Decimus, another Brute, died. The ultimate founder and leader of the Banished throughout the story so far has been Atriox.

Atriox’s story has been far more detailed than that of Escharum. Although it is unlikely that the next Halo game would ignore his mysterious disappearance, the mystery surrounding his disappearance between Halo Wars 2 (and Halo Infinite) has not been fully resolved. Although Atriox’s story does not give any clues as to his whereabouts, it does indicate that he is too significant a character to be ignored by the writers.

The Story of Atriox

 Atriox is one of the most intriguing characters from the period after the original Halo trilogy. He was a Brute and participated in a series of suicide missions. The Covenant’s religious beliefs dictated that Brutes could not travel on the Great Journey if killed in battle. Atriox survived several of these missions as the only survivor. He became increasingly frustrated at the part he and his people played in the Covenant’s war and the Prophets’ view on the universe. Atriox was mentored by Escharum during his military days.

The Covenant’s higher-ups became more disillusioned with Atriox, and his assigned missions became more dangerous. His ability to survive against impossible odds became legendary, and the Covenant’s leaders began to worry that it wouldn’t be long before more Brutes began seeing the war in a similar way to Atriox.

Atriox ranting about his disdain of the Covenant to a dying marine human, Atriox then turned around to look at another Brute who tried to kill him because of blasphemy. Atriox was sentenced after killing the Brute. However, when he was about to be executed, other Brutes led by Decimus rose and overthrew Atriox’s Elite captors. They were the first members to join the Banished.

The Banished began raiding the UNSC and Covenant alike. When the Covenant finally collapsed, its ranks and armour were bolstered by those left behind, including Elites and other non-Brute species. The Banished was one of the most powerful factions of the Halo universe. In Halo Wars 2, the UNSC and Banished fought for Installation 00, AKA Ark, the Forerunner station that ruled the entire Halo array.

The Banished took heavy losses when the UNSC Spirit of Fire showed up to take the Ark from them. Decimus was killed, and the Enduring Conviction, the most powerful Banished ship, was destroyed. They also failed to use the Ark to create a Halo Ring and keep it under their control.

The book Halo: Shadows of Reach concludes Atriox’s story. The leader of the Banished retorted to his followers and said that they would concentrate their efforts on capturing Installation 07 (AKA the Zeta Halo), the setting for Halo infinite. Infinite will occur now, but Escharum is still in control, and 343 may have given some clues.

Where Is Atriox?

It’s possible that Atriox was killed in the time between Halo Wars 2 and Halo Infinite. Still, an offscreen death seems like a very anticlimactic end to one of the series’ most interesting recent characters. In the June 2020 Halo Infinite trailer, Escharum delivers the line “We are his will. We are his legacy. We are The Banished.” This word choice does seem to suggest that Atriox is either dead or missing in action. It doesn’t sound like he left the group to attend to a higher cause – the language is too reverent.

It’s possible that Atriox’s disappearance or death took place between the games for Halo Infinite to make Escharum’s arc as Halo Infinite’s villain more self-contained, without requiring players to read any of the books or play Halo Wars 2. In an interview with IGN 343’s, Paul Crocker and Chris Lee said they didn’t “want a game where players have to do homework.”

Hopefully, however, that doesn’t mean that Atriox has been unceremoniously killed off. If he has, fans can only hope that his death is expanded upon in Halo Infinite and isn’t simply glossed over in service of making the new game a more self-contained story. There could at least be another Halo comic or book dealing with what happened to Atriox. If nothing else, the end of Atriox’s story could be the launching point for an interesting new version of the Banished, one which, without his leadership, is looking for vengeance.

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