Pokemon Anime May Finally Bring Back Porygon

Pokemon Anime May Finally Bring Back Porygon

Pokemon Anime May Finally Bring Back Porygon

The Pokemon Company banned Porygon’s first episode, Computer Warrior Porygon, nearly 25 years ago. It contained explosives that were presented in the form of flashing lights. This inadvertently caused seizures in children in Japan. The episode was unfortunately dominated by Porygon. The Pokemon CompanyThe decision of thePokemonSince then, anime has not featured it. However, certain predictions about pokemon JourneysIf this is true, Porygon’s fate could change very soon.

Anipoke, a Pokemon fan group, posted translated synopsis’s for Pokemon Journeys’ episodes 78-79 on Twitter. The episode 78 synopsis describes an episode that is perfect for Porygon’s return. According to the synopsis, Ash and Goh will investigate a problem involving Pokemon research data collected for Professor Cerise. Goh and Ash suspect foul play after evidence suggests that someone logged in to Professor Cerise’s main computer before the data disappeared.

There’s a good chance for Porygon to be the culprit behind this “heist” because it and its evolutions are entirely made up of code, and as such, it can freely travel through cyberspace. This was done in the episode’s debut when it accidentally caused a Pokeball transfer device in a Pokemon Center malfunction. This episode could have happened if Porygon was transferred to Professor Cerise’s computer. It may explain why the Pokemon research data Ash or Goh had collected vanished.

The synopsis of Pokemon Journeys episode number 78 does not specifically mention that Porygon will be returning. It’s possible that some random electric-type Pokemon caused the problem, or maybe even Team Rocket built a machine to steal the data in another one of their elaborate schemes to please Giovanni. There are many possible routes that the episode could take. Since it won’t air until August 27, there will be at least two weeks before fans see any promotional material or evidence that Porygon might be one of them.

The Pokemon anime would be the best time to reintroduce Porygon. “Computer Warrior Porygon,” which aired over a decade ago, is so old that most people who were affected are well into their adulthood and don’t really care about the Pokemon. Since Porygon had nothing to do whatsoever with the events, there is no reason to ban it. This episode would provide the perfect opportunity for Porygon to make an appearance, as Pokemon Journeys is all about surprises.

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