Saints Row Developers ‘Not Backing Down’ After Reboot Backlash

Saints Row Developers 'Not Backing Down' After Reboot Backlash

Saints Row Developers ‘Not Backing Down’ After Reboot Backlash

Deep Silver unveils a new productSaints RowTitle marks the long-awaited return of the fan-favourite open-world shooter. Since then, the franchise has been mostly dormant. Saints Row 4Received a standalone expansion paints Row: Get Out Of Hell2015, with the final main series title two years earlier. The eagerly awaitedSaints RowHowever, revival has elicited mixed reactions from fans, with many voicing concerns with the direction Deep Silver took the series.

Deep Silver and Volition had teased the Saints Rowreboot announcement for several months. The community developer for Volition previously stated that the upcoming Saints Row “blows the roof off”. Gamescom host Geoff Keighley also teased the announcement of the game in the days before the gaming conference. With the trailer out and many people dissatisfied with it, Saints Row developers have clarified their position on the reboot.

After the passionate response of one fan on Twitter, the official Saints Row account stated that it “isn’t backing down on this title.” While the company acknowledged that the shock reaction of Saints Row fans to this new title was understandable, the company also stressed that the tone would be different from previous titles. The game’s main cast is far removed from the “gangster” characters for which the franchise is well-known.

Many fans were quick to criticize the appearance and attitude of the main cast. They feel the franchise has moved away from its more gang-influenced roots, which a more modern look has replaced. Some criticised the trailer’s mood and style, describing the title as “soulless”, while others compared the title to another controversial reboot, a much-loved franchise.DMC: Devil May Cry. Since the trailer was released, the developer has had a Twitter account. He interacts with fans and receives positive feedback.

Saints Row has had a long history without a main series title. However, it is still loved by its loyal fans. The latest Saints Row: The Third remaster brought Saints Row onto modern consoles. The remaster was released on the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X/S earlier in the year. While it is impossible to predict how the final title will perform, a return of Saints Row’s wild action will be an eye-opener for its fans.

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