Skyrim Special Edition: How To Duplicate Any Item

Skyrim Special Edition: How To Duplicate Any Item

Skyrim Special Edition: How To Duplicate Any Item

Duplication for PC players is as easy as selecting the item and then entering the appropriate console command. The glitch allows console or PC gamers to duplicate any item.

Players must, therefore, first the item they desire to duplicate. Players can duplicate up to five items simultaneously, but they must ensure that each item is duplicated individually. The glitch might not work if players try to duplicate multiple items simultaneously. Remember to remind players to save often throughout the process in case of an emergency.

Recruit A Follower

Once players have the items they desire to duplicate, They must invite a follower. Asking a question is the easiest way to accomplish this. housecarl. Jarl Balgruuf assigns Lydia to players as a housecarl during the main quest in Whiterun. She can be found at Dragonsreach. Players can also find Lydia if they have purchased Breezehome.

You can also try to play. Hire a few followers In various inns in exchange for some gold, they can be used across the kingdom. Marcurio in Riften, Belrand, etc.There are many options for resolving your problems… In case the Dragonborn wishes to replicate stolen items, players must ensure that their follower is not a criminal. The Dragonborn may refuse to accept the follower’s handling of the item.

Get to City Gates

Once they have gained a follower, players need to make their way to the door in the world with a loading screen. The player homes would make the best candidates. However, this could expose players to unwanted NPCs. These characters might pick up the items and ask the players if they would like to keep them. In some cases, there may be a brawl.

To avoid these situations, players must make their way to the venue. Major cityGatesSkyrim’s many holds they must look for a job. They should look for an undiscovered corner near the gate where they can continue to work in peace.

Get rid of the items

Players must drop the desired items one at a time on the ground to duplicate them. Ask their followers to take them home. This glitch causes each item to be given one copy.

No matter how many items are dropped, if more than one item is dropped at the same time, only one copy of that item will be generated. Players should also ensure they are not dropping more than one item at once. Do not duplicate items too often, as it could cause problems with the scripts. This process can be used to duplicate as many as five items.

Leave the Gates and Enter Again

Players must comply with the rules once the follower has picked up the items. Enter the city through the gates… This glitch is dependent on players performing the task quickly. Any delay will result in sometimes glitches that don’t work as planned. Once they have done this, players will be able to find duplicates at the exact location where they dropped the item.

Sometimes the glitch might not work as expected. Players will not be able to find items on the ground when they return to the city. Players must be prepared to deal with this situation. Repeat the process once more. Once they have left the city, they can quickly travel to a nearby location. Fast travel to the city from anywhere in the world. They will arrive as they were intended.

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