Comparing God of War’s Kratos to Tyr

Comparing God of War's Kratos to Tyr

Comparing God of War’s Kratos to Tyr

Throughout 2018, it was repeatedly repeated good of War Partially rewritten; players will hear tales about Tyr, the Norse god war. Odin has killed Tyr (or perhaps imprisoned) by Kratos, Atreus, and Atreus have reached Midgard. He has many mementoes from his reign and travels. Kratos shares a long history of friendship with Ares, the Greek god of war. He even served as the god of war for a time. Ares is a completely different god than Tyr because they come from a completely different culture and a pantheon of gods.

God of War was full of mystery and puzzles. One popular theory suggests that Kratos could be or become Tyr. Despite this theory, Kratos and the Norse gods of war share many similarities, but they have some differences. While it is impossible to answer all the questions God Of War players have left, they can consider both the mythological background and the facts from the game to make their own predictions about how important Tyr might be in future games.

Mythology: Tyr

Most people know that Wednesday’s etymology derives its name from Old English/Germanic phrases that mean Odin’s Day. Tuesday’s name comes from Tyr, whose roots lie in the phrase “Tyr’s Day”. This highlights Tyr’s significance in Norse mythology. However, he is not as well-known in popular culture as Odin, Thor, and Loki. Tyr has a history with Loki, which is fascinating for God of War as we now know that Atreus is Loki.

Although Tyr in Norse mythology’s the god of war, his beliefs are very different from Ares/Mars. Ares was more associated with brute force and injustice, while Tyr was associated with justice. Some linguists argue that Tyr’s etymology is closer to Zeus than Ares, but Odin and Zeus are the most comparable from a contemporary perspective. It is noteworthy that Tyr’s father, Odin, is Zeus’.

Tyr is also famous for having one arm, according to Norse mythology. This is related to his history of being with Loki. Fenrir, the giant wolf and one of Loki’s children, is prophesied as Odin’s killer. Fenrir, the giant wolf, eats Tyr’s arm. It is also significant that there are many stories that Tyr achieved this feat because of mutual trust, which Tyr reneged on when he imprisoned Fenrir. Others claim that Fenrir was freed by the god who offered his hand. Tyr is also depicted as a casualty of Ragnarok.

Tyr in the War of War

Although the main comparison between Tyr, Kratos, and Zeus is that they are children of Odin, Zeus and Zeus, the game also indicated that Kratos would play a part in many core stories from Norse mythology. There are many possibilities for Kratos’ future character. The majority of information about Tyr is provided in the game through stories and explorations of places related to him. Kratos and Tyr do not meet in God of War, as Odin has killed or imprisoned the god.

Although it is difficult to predict Tyr’s role in the future, Kratos is taking over the roles of several gods in Norse mythology. However, he is already an important character in the story these games tell. His collusion with giants is the reason for Tyr’s absence from God Of War. Loki’s mother in the games is a giant, while his father in mythology is a giant. He has many children with Angrboda (including Fenrir), and they have many children. Faye being both Loki’s mother from mythology, Laufey, and a giant indicates the giants are of big importance to the story of Kratos and Atreus. Tyr’s friendship with the giants is crucial.

In God of War, it is revealed that Tyr visited different mythological realms and met with gods from various mythologies. This includes Ancient Greece, which suggests that Tyr and Kratos might have met. The significance of Ancient Greece to Kratos, in particular, lends some credibility to the theory Kratos is Tyr, though time travel would have to be involved. We have only seen two characters travel between mythologies in this way: Tyr and Kratos. This means that although Kratos might not be Tyr, their journeys will have many similarities.

Kratos has grown since the original trilogy, and while his style of fatherhood is still abrupt and harsh, it is clear he does care about Atreus and is willing to be more open with him. Through his own paternal love style, Kratos can introduce softer traits to Kratos. Although Kratos is still prone to anger at times, it seems like he is evolving into a fairer and more just god, similar to Tyr.

Loki, Tyr, Fenrir

It is enormously clear from God of War that the Loki/Atreus connection will be a major topic of the next game. However, the biggest obvious change is that Loki is now the son of Kratos. Atreus being Loki also complicates the typical stories from Norse mythology since it is shown that Fenrir does exist in God of War, although he is not shown. The story about Tyr losing his hand to Fenrir may still apply, but Loki’s fatherhood of Fenrir is something the games will have to deal with going forward.

Loki being half-Greek is a major change to the mythology, so Kratos’ role as his father will mean significant changes for many familiar tales from Norse mythology. In the games, though, Kratos and Tyr are the only connections Loki has to his ancestral home. This is another possible avenue the games could explore in terms of Tyr and Kratos, but it remains to be seen if this will be covered when the next God of War game is released.

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