Fortnite: Ariana Grande Getting Skin With In-Game Concert

Fortnite: Ariana Grande Getting Skin With In-Game Concert

Fortnite: Ariana Grande Getting Skin With In-Game Concert

Fortnite is not uncommon for big-name artists to perform in its in-game concert. Fortnite hosted concerts for Travis ScottDeadmau5, DJ Marshmello, and many more. Ariana Grande, a musical star, will be on the Rift Tour on August 6th. She is also getting her own skin in the game.

Fortnite’s Rift tour was announced on August 29th. Players can earn in-game items or XP by completing challenges related to the concert. The three-day event, which will take place in-game, will start on August 6th and run until August 8th. The event will allow players to see the artists in action and also win prizes and an Ariana Grande skin. The glittering, diamond Ariana Grande skin will be given to one user only.

Ariana Grande shared a glimpse of her Fortnite look in an Instagram post. It is a unique skin featuring the singer’s trademark high ponytail. Grande posted a video of her in-game look. Everything from her eyes to her sparkling boots shines brightly. It looks like it was made from huge diamonds and reflects all the colors of the rainbow.

Grande also has a second exclusive skin. It features Grande with a purple and white high ponytail, and a sequined tank and skirt combo. This video features a cute dancing piggyback bling backpack that moves along with the music.

Players will be able to choose between Ariana’s dark and light skins, but the singer will only ever have the opportunity to wear the jeweled versions. Ariana will be able to purchase two different skins in Fortnite’s shop starting August 4, 2021. The prices for these items are not yet listed, but it appears that they will be part of the Icon series. The Icon skins are traditionally priced as follows:

  • 1500 VBucks to the skin
  • 2800 VBucks on accessories and skin.

The Ariana Grande skins won’t be available in the Fortnite shop for long. Players will have to order the Ariana Grande skins while they are concert life, otherwise, they might miss out on the opportunity. Fortnite players should save the date for the concert series if they have any interest in the performance or cosmetics.

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