King’s Bounty 2: Where To Get Early Game Anarchy Units

King's Bounty 2: Where To Get Early Game Anarchy Units

King’s Bounty 2: Where To Get Early Game Anarchy Units

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While there is a lot of emphasis on the various Ideals players can specialize in, there aren’t enough units to accommodate all Ideals at King’s Bounty2. While Order troops will be readily available to players, the 3 other Ideals, Power, Finesse and Anarchy, won’t be as prevalent in the Albian Highlands area where the game begins.

Finesse is the worst affected, as there are literally no units available in the first area of King’s Bounty2. Power is also severely limited, with only one unit being acquirable. However, players can still gather enough Anarchy units to get them through the tutorial-like area if they don’t want to use the Order Ideal units.

Where to get the first anarchy units in the game

After leaving the prison where the game began, players will soon find a village on the road with a broken statue at its centre. To the east is a path leading to an area that houses a recruiter merchant and some people who are about to fight. You can choose to join the fight or help the dwarves or humans by choosing the side you want. The player will receive an Order Ideal unit for aiding the dwarfs, while if the player chooses to side with humans, the Brigands unit will be granted. This is the first Anarchy unit that can be obtained in the game.

This unit will be given to players after the conflict has been resolved. Gamers will now be able to talk to the nearby recruiter merchant to hire more Brigands. Be sure to save as units can be quite expensive at this stage—King’s Bounty II.

Where to Find The Best Anarchy Units in The Early Game

The Brigands may be a good unit, but there are better Anarchy units. To acquire great Anarchy units, players will need first to complete the simple quest in Bliss, an abandoned town in the Albian Highlands. You can find Bliss in the southwest corner of the map. The short quest to unlock the desired troops is quite simple.

Gamers must assist Berengarius, an undead mage who seeks to control Bliss from dark spirits that have moved into the abandoned city. He will defeat his foes at the Bliss Cemetery. Berengarius will then become a recruiter merchant, where players can get excellent Anarchy units.

Ghouls – Anarchy Unit

Ghouls are fast and powerful, with high Speed and Initiative stats. This means they can move faster than other units and cover ground quickly. Ghouls have the same speed and initiative as canine units, but they are more resilient and possess a higher Active Skill, which can kill more enemy troops during attacks. They must be weakened efficiently and adequately.

 Skeletons – Anarchy Unit

The Ghouls are quick units that can flank and rush foes. However, the Skeletons behave more like traditional units but have less Speed. However, they come with an Active Skill that boosts their Speed and allows them to make a turn to reduce the distance between them and foes. Although Skeletons can go toe-to-toe with humanoid units of any size, they are best at taking out Archers. They take less damage from physical ranged attacks and can be tee-to-toe. Because arrows canonically go through bones’ gaps,

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