Marvel’s Avengers Free Weekend Sees Healthy Spike on PC Player Count

Marvel's Avengers Free Weekend Sees Healthy Spike on PC Player Count

Marvel’s Avengers Free Weekend Sees Healthy Spike on PC Player Count

Marvel’s AvengersToday’s All-Access Weekend continues with rewards and incentives such as 4x bonus points and the return to the Tachyon Anomaly Event. Fans can also buy tickets during the event. Marvel’s AvengersEnjoy a 40% discount and other significant price reductions on cosmetics and other items in the game’s Marketplace. The All-Access Weekend is available on almost all platforms. Marvel’s AvengersFans are encouraged to explore the new content since launch.

The All-Access Weekend provided an incentive for players, allowing them to grab Marvel’s Avengers ahead of the War for Wakanda DLC releases. The game’s popularity has increased on various platforms, with many players returning to Marvel’s Avengers and giving it a shot while it’s free. Recent data has shown that Marvel’s Marvel’s concurrent Steam player-base has been affected due to the free-to-play weekend.

Steam’s data charts show a significant spike in PC users that was maintained over the weekend. Steam’s data records a record number of concurrent players from Marvel’s Avengers launch. This all-time high was 31,165 players. The concurrent player count has been increasing steadily, with occasional spikes. An average Marvel’s Avengers player count has been 10,224. These numbers will change over the weekend as more data is collected, but this impressive player count demonstrates the game’s success.

On average, 500 people played Marvel’s Avengers’ All-Access Weekend in the days before it. This is a direct result of Steam’s increase in player count. Marvel’s Avengers‘ free play weekend allows those who purchased a console edition of the game to see how it plays on PC. It is not surprising that Marvel’s Avengers would struggle on any other platform than PlayStation. Post-launch DLC has promised that the PS4 and PS5 editions of Marvel’s Avengers would be worth the wait, with Spider-Man, teased as a PlayStation-exclusive character. Many fans purchased Marvel’s Avengers for PS4 and PS5 instead of PC.

It will be interesting to see how many PC gamers will continue playing Marvel’s Avengers after the weekend ends. The event will close tomorrow at 9 AM PT on PlayStation 3, Steam, and Stadia. Unfortunately, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S users are not able to access the event. However, Square Enix stated that they plan to host an exclusive event for Xbox gamers “in the next months.”

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