Psychonauts 2: All Nuggets of Wisdom, Memory Vaults, and Half-A-Minds in Compton’s Cook-Off

Psychonauts 2: All Nuggets of Wisdom, Memory Vaults, and Half-A-Minds in Compton's Cook-Off

Psychonauts 2: All Nuggets of Wisdom, Memory Vaults, and Half-A-Minds in Compton’s Cook-Off

Psychonauts 2Players will hunt for many collectables during their adventures. The most popular collectables in the game are Nuggets of Wisdom and Memory Vaults. Half-A-Minds is also a common one. Psychonauts 2They are present in almost every brain that players explore.

That includes former Psychic Six member Compton Boole, who players encounter once they’re permitted to leave the Motherlobe after finishing Hollis’ Hot Streak and reuniting with Ford Cruller. Although Compton’s mental castle is smaller than other locations in the game’s world, it’s packed with collectables. It offers two Nuggets of Wisdom and two Half-A-Minds as well as two Memory Vaults. Here are the exact locations to find each one.

 Nuggets for Wisdom

Like the Hollis’ Hot Streak level, finding the first Nugget of Wisdom in Compton’s Cook-Off will require players to level up the Mental Connection ability to its max. To unlock the Advanced Mental Connection upgrade, you will need to earn experience points after ranking 30. After that, go to the blender to use Mental Connection to reach the dark thought strands behind the cooking station. This will take players to the first Nugget of Wisdom.

Nuggets of Wisdom number 2 can be found near the Froggy Flipper. Follow the path of stoves that leads to the cooker and turn left as you approach the top. The Nugget of Wisdom will sit on a platform that has a slide that leads back to the main stage. To grab the trinket, jump across.


Image Gallery (2 Images).                                                                                                    Both Half-A-Minds are actually fairly easy to grab in Compton’s Cook-Off. Follow the story mission and follow the instructions to complete the tasks assigned by the Puppet Psychonauts. The first Half-A Mind will be unlocked if you complete the dish within the time limit. The second half-a-mind will be unlocked if you complete the second.

 Memory vaults

The first Memory Vault in Compton’s Cook-Off shouldn’t be too difficult to come across, with the fleeing safe hiding in plain sight. The vault is located in an open area at the bottom of the blender. You can open it and access a short story reel.

 The second Memory Vault is located just over the Pork Chopper. Look to the left side of the pull-back arm for the pig-themed kitchen knife. The platform will have a slightly descended ledge that houses the second Memory Vault. Break it to access the final story reel.

 Players will be closer to achieving the desired 100% rating on Compton’s Cook-Off if they have all six collectables. All they’ll have to do is hunt down the five pieces of Emotional Baggage hidden throughout Compton’s mind.

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