What If…? Proves Steve Rogers Was Always Destined To Be A Hero

What If…? Proves Steve Rogers Was Always Destined To Be A Hero

When people think of Steve Rogers, the first thing that comes to mind is his moral integrity. This is what makes Captain America such an admirable, if slightly irritating, hero. Many people believe that Steve’s rise to heterodox was due to his super-soldier serum. But that is not the truth. What if …? __S.72__It is evident.

The series’ “what if” scenarios are intended to challenge the MCU, which has been around for more than a decade. Some things have remained the same despite some changes. This is evident in the first episode of What If …?’. Steve Rogers, no matter who got the serum, would be a hero.

Episode 1 recreates the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, but with a twist. Heinz Kruger, who assassinates Dr Erskine, shoots Steve early on. Steve is unable to give his body to the super-soldier experiment he and Doctor Erskine had planned. Peggy Carter is named Captain Carter after she takes the serum. Steve, still recovering from his gunshot wounds and a little more relaxed, follows Peggy on her journey to prove herself to both the army and the rest of the globe.

Standing by Peggy, whether she is Captain Carter or not, is not foreign to Steve Rogers. Steve is interested in Peggy on the MCU timeline. Steve is small and doesn’t take the pressure of the experiment and the belief that Peggy Stark and Howard Stark fondue. After receiving the serum in The First Avenger and fighting for what he believes, he stays loyal to Peggy. The two plan to dance together. Steve remained loyal to Peggy even after her death and was one of the pallbearers at their funeral 70 years later. Steve Rogers, no matter what decade, would always be at Peggy Carter’s side.

Endgame showed how far Steve was willing to go to stay by her side. In a controversial ending for Chris Evans’ portrayal of the star-spangled hero, Steve leaves his longtime friend Bucky Barnes behind and gives Sam Wilson his shield. This ending was viewed by many as a complete 180 for Steve, who is known for his willingness to sacrifice everything for the greater good. He had done it once before when he sank his plane and was stuck in the ice for 70+ years. Peggy offered him the opportunity to reunite with her, and he took it. Although it might seem strange for Steve to leave behind his family, his decision is rooted in his relationship with Peggy. Endgame and The First Avenger are both clear indications that he never fully got over her.

Steve does not receive the serum in, but he proves that he is worthy of the title hero. Before the experiment, Doctor Erskine reminded Steve that “the serum amplifies all that is within.” While Steve was great, the Falcon and Winter Soldier demonstrated what happens when someone has harsh intentions. Steve’s moral integrity is unaffected by the serum. Steve, Erskine said that Steve was selected because a man so small as Steve understands the importance of physical strength and also has compassion. To assist Captain Carter, Steve doesn’t claim the Captain America title in What If …?. Instead, he uses the Hydra Stomper suit.

The time period in which The First Avenger takes place is why the robot suit Steve wears in Episode 1 of What If …? does not allow him to move as well as the Hulkbuster Tony has designed. Tony may use the Hydra Stomper, which his father designed, as a design inspiration in the future. Steve proved that he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the right results by controlling Hydra Stomper without any protection (like the serum).

Although it might seem selfish for Steve to stay in Endgame with Peggy, he was actually reclaiming what Tony and Natasha gained: a family. Sam asks Steve if something was wrong in Endgame. Steve replies that he went and achieved the life Tony told him. Although Tony and Steve had their share of disagreements over the years, there was mutual respect. Tony’s main issue with Steve, aside from his father’s admiration of Steve, was Steve’s moral conscience. This was a crucial part of their fight for the Civil War. Steve remained true to his beliefs despite being pressured by Tony and other Avengers. Steve would have decided to not sign the agreements even if the Avengers were against him.

Steve was not brave because of the serum. The serum did not make Steve braver. Steve lived a life of self-determination and helping others, even though he could never do everything he wanted. He was rejected numerous times when he enlisted in the army. Steve received a dose equal to his inner resilience when someone other than Bucky took a chance on him. Steve would not have been the same person he is today if he had not received the serum. He couldn’t execute the task in the same way Captain America would. Steve used the Hydra Stomper to help him shut Hydra down. He was able to fight alongside Bucky Barnes, his childhood friend, and the Howling Commandos.

Many have wondered if Evans could return to Captain America’s role after Chris Evans left Endgame in 2011. While those rumours have largely been debunked, Sam’s acceptance of the Captain America mantle clarifies that Marvel is moving past Steve Rogers. Sam’s acceptance into the Captain America role does not mean that Captain America will change. Sam still holds many of the same values Steve held, including a strong moral compass. It was probably a major factor in Steve’s decision not to give Sam the shield.

Although Evans has a new look, What If …? reminisces about Evans’ Captain America era, however, Evans is not the voice behind “Skinny Steve.” John Keaton, an experienced voice actor, gave Steve Rogers a voice. Keaton has a history of voicing Marvel characters. He has sung the voices of Ant-Man, Norman Osborn and Iron Man. It doesn’t matter who voices Captain America. All that matters is that they are strong in morality and bravery. Steve Rogers is a shining example of what you do within that makes you a hero.

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