Guitar Hero Fan Shows Off Custom Made Controller Created From Mosquito Zapper

Guitar Hero Fan Shows Off Custom Made Controller Created From Mosquito Zapper

Guitar Hero Fan Shows Off Custom Made Controller Created From Mosquito Zapper

Guitar hero was a cultural phenomenon that became a huge success in the 2000s. There were many sequels and spin-offs. The first version used a guitar controller to provide immersion. However, there were also releases on other systems. Many different control schemes were created and many peripherals were also developed. One fan created their own version. Guitar Hero controller using an unconventional device.

RedOctane was the first publisher to develop the idea for the games. Harmonix was the studio responsible for its development after the huge success of Japanese rhythm games. The franchise was a huge success. The guitar peripheral was extremely useful in allowing players to rock out. Players have been using the guitar to complete various challenges. The guitar controller was even used by one player to beat Dark Souls 3. Another fan suggested that the controller could be recreated using a mosquito zapper.

Reddit user Tominator2000 stated that Guitar Hero’s controller was not available when they first played it on their PS2. They were able to make a customized controller thanks to their ingenuity and shared photos with the r/gaming forum. The user stated that it was possible by using a knock-off DualShock controller and a mosquito zapper. The controller even has a mercury switch to activate Guitar Hero’s Star Power mechanism.

It is possible to repurpose a mosquito zapper racket into a controller by combining its size and shape with a guitar’s structure. The subreddit users were stunned by the engineering skills required. Some joked that poor insects would be killed if they entered a Guitar Hero play session.

Activision has put the franchise on hold for now, but the series has a strong nostalgia following. Many fans felt that these games were a great experience and wished they could get a new reboot or remaster. Ubisoft now has a spiritual successor. Guitar HeroSeries in the form future Rocksmith sequel. Harmonix is the original team behind this game. They also aim to teach the players how to properly play the guitar.

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