Marvel Reportedly Casting For Upcoming Werewolf-Centric Halloween Special

Marvel Reportedly Casting For Upcoming Werewolf-Centric Halloween Special

Marvel Reportedly Casting For Upcoming Werewolf-Centric Halloween Special

Disney Plus, which was launched in 2012, has brought major live-action studios such as marvel StudiosThere is a lot of potentials for them to expand their franchises and source material. Marvel Studios is now looking to apply the Disney Plus-original idea of holiday specials and has started with an exciting option. They are casting for a Halloween special, which will adapt a Marvel comic book story about a werewolf. Werewolf at Night.

The original 1977 version of the film featured Jack Russell as the main character. He was also a descendant of a group of people called Lycanthropes. The story tells that he can transform into a wolf-like creature without a full moon while still maintaining his human intelligence. In 2022, the original series will feature the first appearance of Moon Knight, a schizophrenic antihero who will receive his own Marvel Studios series and Disney Plus series.

Marvel published a new version of the story last year that revolved around Jake Gomez. He is a Native American man with lycanthropy. The Disney Plus special is uncertain if it will be closer to the 1977 Jack Russell original story or last year’s Jake Gomez remake. However, it is important to note that Marvel specifically wants to cast a Latino man in their thirties for the lead role. This is a move that will push forwardMarvel’s commitment to diversity. The Wrap reports Marvel wants to start production of the special in early 2022.

                                                                                                                                                Marvel Studios’ adaptation Werewolf by Night is not the only Disney Plus special that uses Marvel properties. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is still in production by Disney Plus. It will be set between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. and Thor: Love and Thunder. The platform will release 3 in late 2022. Director James Gunn recently identified this holiday special as a must-see for Guardians of the Galaxy fan. Ms Marvel Studios will also be releasing the Disney Plus series. Marvel, She-Hulk and Secret Invasion are some of the other upcoming Disney Plus series from Marvel Studios. There will also be additional seasons for Loki and What If …?..

Wandavision and Loki, and The Mandalorian are all creative and respected offshoots from their franchises. Without the platform, they may not exist. However, a Werewolf by Night special would be a unique addition to the MCU’s already strange world.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Werewolf by Night project. This includes questions about the storyline it will be based on and how it will fit in with the wider scope of the MCU. It is not difficult to see how this Halloween special will surprise MCU fans with its werewolf-centric storyline and Latino protagonist.


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