Why The Medium on PS5 May Be the Definitive Version

Why The Medium on PS5 May Be the Definitive Version

Why The Medium on PS5 May Be the Definitive Version

Bloober TeamSilent Hill-Esque psychological survival horror game, The MediumThe video was released earlier this year on Xbox Next-Gen devices and PCs. Eight months later, it is still in useThe MediumThe PS5 will be the first to launch with all the bells and whistles. However, some nuances will make it stand out from other PS5 versions—the MediumThe definitive version.

DualSense controller is a standout feature of the PS5 that has yet to be fully used by most new releases. Game developers have begun to take advantage of the DualSense controller’s potential, adding an extra layer to their next-generation gaming experience. Many third-party games have already added DualSense features to their PS5 games. While it’s not perfect, it makes the PS5 version stand out. The Medium will be able to take advantage of the added features on the PS5, and new and old fans alike should be eager to test it out on the PS5 next month.

What the PS5 Version of The Medium brings to The Table

The Medium is a stunning display on any platform. The dark, gritty and sinister setting of post-communism Poland is breathtaking. And the PS5 version is the cherry on top. Fans will have to wait until the PS5 can handle The Medium’s dual world rendition simultaneously. However, they can glimpse how it looks and what extra features it offers for its $40 price tag.

Bloober Team, the studio behind The Medium, released a video of three minutes and a half detailing all DualSense features the PS5 version supports. Marianne, the protagonist of the game, can also use many abilities to navigate the world of The Medium.

The Spirit Blast is the most popular. It now uses adaptive triggers to increase tension. The spirit blast is more intense so that players will feel less resistance to the triggers. The Medium also effectively utilizes the DualSense’s haptic feedback, with players feeling the soring intensity of a swarm of moths attacking them from every angle.

The Maw, a huge and powerful monster in The Medium, is impossible to defeat. It is important to be stealthy and avoid it whenever it appears. Marianne can keep her breath when she is on the cover. PS5 players have haptic feedback that allows them to know when Marianne will run out of gas.

The Medium allows players to come across objects of curiosity that they can examine to discover echoes, memories from the past. The DualSense controller can be used to inspect objects on the PS5. Players can also use the motion controls on the controller to inspect various clues throughout the game.

The Medium for PS5 takes advantage of DualSense’s built-in speaker and lightbar. Players can hear the sounds of the tools they use as they cut through the grotesque skin-like obstacles. The DualSense’s lightbar mimics Marianne’s flashlight and flickers whenever The Maw comes near it.

These are the DualSense features that have been confirmed for the PS5 The Mode. The PS5 will not have Game Pass, so the PS5 player will need to buy The Medium to play it. However, The Medium on PS5 is the complete version. Horror fans should find it appealing enough to try the PS5 version.

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