How the New South Park Game Can be Made with ‘Tegridy’

How the New South Park Game Can be Made with 'Tegridy'

How the New South Park Game Can be Made with ‘Tegridy’

Stick of TruthAndThe Fractured, But WholeThey were fantastic out ParkSouth Park Studios has created a new 3D adventure video game. In a $900 million deal, ViacomCBS recently acquired South Park Studios. South ParkSeveral new content has been approved by the site’s administrators. This includes renewing youth ParkSix more seasons of TV series, 14 movies, and previously mentioned video games. NextSouth ParkGame will be entirely made in-house, almost without any interference.

This will hopefully translate into a game that is even more true to the original series. The upcoming South Park game, which will be based on previous adventures into fantasy and superhero themes, can bring back the magic of past South Park games and carry the same unrestricted chaos as the series and its predecessor movies. Trey Parker and Matt Stone should have more control over the humor and traditional game mechanics since this is an in-house project.

No Need For Compromise

There are often hurdles to overcome when an IP like South Park is adapted for a game. It is not uncommon for this to require some compromise. In The Fractured but Whole, the developers had to ensure that the jokes satisfied everyone in the production chain. It has normally only needed to satisfy Parker and Stone in movies and shows SP Studios has made. Ubisoft deemed the original title of “The Butthole of Time” unsellable.

Ubisoft published the first two games, giving it almost total control. Ubisoft also controlled the profits of these games. While Stone and Parker were paid fairly, Ubisoft was responsible for paying the bills after THQ, the game’s creator went bankrupt in 2012. Jason Schroeder, the senior producer at The Fractured But Whole, said that Ubisoft made him the one who had to decline some requests from Stone and Parker.

South Park Studios will be able to create the game, which will allow them to do more humor and jokes within the game.

Placement Funding

Parker and Stone can make South Park for a meager cost, even though the budget is likely to be much larger than it was in the past. They have already saved so much money, even though they already own the likenesses and other assets. Because Viacom has provided the funds to South Park Studios, the cash flow won’t be an issue for the next South Park game. The creators can start working on the title as soon as they are ready. Production will be smoothened if there is enough cash available.

This is a welcome development for South Park fans. It may surprise those who thought they had been lucky enough to receive the latest games in the series. This news that the IP creators will have full creative control of the game is even better. It will allow them to create something far more than what they could with Ubisoft.

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