Why Persona Fans Should Keep an Eye on September

Why Persona Fans Should Keep an Eye on September

Why Persona Fans Should Keep an Eye on September

The video game industry loves to celebrate anniversaries well. Nintendo revealed a variety of products for the anniversary. Super Mario, Legend of ZeldaAndPokemonIt has recently achieved milestones. Sega celebrates the milestones. Sonic the HedgehogThe 30th anniversary of’s and the 25th Anniversary of one of its subsidiaries studios: Atlus, creators of the personal series. In late 2020, Atlus stated that it wanted to celebratePersonaanniversary. But for a long while, fans weren’t sure when it would happen. Fans now know to keep an eye on September.

Atlus announced in July that it would host events in September to celebrate the history of Persona. Details on the events and what they will reveal to fans are still scarce. It’s easy to see how many Persona enthusiasts have to gain from September. Already, there are signs that Atlus has seven games in development to celebrate the Persona Birthday. These projects will be announced over the next year and released hopefully soon thereafter. There’s no question that September will be a defining month for Persona–it’s mostly a question of how many projects Atlus reveals.

Persona’s Potential in September 2021

Atlus has an incredible number of projects for Persona fans. Although The Legend of Zelda fans wanted Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker to be ported to Switch along with Skyward Sword, that engagement doesn’t compare to Atlus’ list of seven projects. Atlus could announce an online conference in September, where various Persona events will be announced. It depends on how much Atlus wants the anniversary year to be frontloaded and how much it wants to spread between September 2021 and 2022.

The Persona anniversary teaser website reveals seven projects, but it does not reveal their release dates. It only gives a broad window in which they will all be announced. Atlus could reveal all Persona projects in September or just a few. It could also announce events for 2022 that will chart the course of the anniversary. However, no matter how Atlus organizes Personaevents, it is certain that everything will be based on September. It’ll be a busy start month for the Persona series, according to the sounds.

The Persona Anniversary is Far

The implied broad reach of the Persona anniversary is part of what makes it so special. Atlus’ main promotion image for the Personafranchise acknowledges all five major installations. This includes references to the Persona 1 and 2 games, which used more apocalyptic imagery than Persona 3 and its successors. This suggests that Atlus will have many projects for Persona fans. There’ll also be something to appeal to every Persona generation.

Atlus does a good job of keeping the details about its Persona projects secret. Atlus may not reveal any concrete information about September’s events, but Atlus may offer a teaser in August. An announcement about the date seems certain. This could include details about what Persona announcements are in store for fans at the event. Atlus has already indicated that it is investing heavily in this event after Persona 5’s huge success. Although it will be a lot of work, it will be well worth it when considering how many Persona it can delight. It has been a long wait for Persona to be properly celebrated, but it is finally here.

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