Best Social Features Hogwarts Legacy Could Take From Persona

Best Social Features Hogwarts Legacy Could Take From Persona

Best Social Features Hogwarts Legacy Could Take From Persona

Fans of the harry potter series, 2022 is coming soon enough with the release of the highly awaited Hogwarts LegacyThe end draws nearer. This game lets players play the role of a Hogwarts student from the 1800s. Harry Potter series. We don’t know much about the gameplay. Hogwarts LegacyFans continue to speculate about what the game’s systems will look like. The game’s systems are not well-known.LegacyPlayers will be exploring the grounds and halls of the castle. However, fans hope that there is more to the game than just avoiding being late for potion class.

Fans on the official sub-Reddit of the game suggested recently that Hogwarts Legacy take inspiration from Persona 5 to include social systems similar to those found in the game. Avalance Software has not confirmed the existence of such a system, but there has been speculation about the possibility of a social bonding system. A social system like Persona 5 wouldn’t be out of place in the fantasy RPG since love and friendship are central to the Harry Potter story.

Hogwarts Legacy: Raising Social Stats to Hang with Friends

Persona 5’s system that prevents players from bonding with certain confidants seems perfect for Hogwarts if they lack the social skills required. Characters like Makoto, Futaba, and Ann all require Joker to be proficient in charm, kindness, and knowledge to progress their relationships, both platonic and romantic. Joker can meet every character level and connect with them more personally once he has raised his social stats.

The Harry Potter series manages its personality-defining Houses in a engaging way and helps to bring people together. The Harry Potter books, films, and movies celebrate many characters with diverse interests and strengths. Hogwarts Heritage forces players to engage with these interests before moving on to a relationship. This game could also celebrate the diversity in everyone, just like the source material.

Confidant-Style Hogwarts Energy Boosts

If a player has the social stats necessary to be hanging out in a house with other players, they can improve their relationships. As in Persona 5, getting to know people from different houses should bring tangible rewards. Once their relationship reaches a high enough level, maybe a Slytherin could teach the player a curse that’s not technically allowed on school grounds, or a Ravenclaw could use their book smarts to teach the player how to brew stronger potions. Each character, like Persona5‘s confidants, brings something to the table. This encourages the player to meet new people.

This is speculation, and Avalance Softworks has not suggested social systems will be included in this game. However, the Harry Potter series can be used as a great platform to add social links. This system could be a great way to improve Hogwarts Legacy as an RPG. The game allows the player to select the friends they want to make. This is similar to Harry’s choice in the original series. It could allow the game to offer unique experiences to each player. That seems to be the experience Hogwarts Legacy is trying to offer its players.

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