Apex Legends Players Banned for ‘Dashboarding’ Were Overwhelmingly on PS4

Apex Legends Players Banned for 'Dashboarding' Were Overwhelmingly on PS4

Apex Legends Players Banned for ‘Dashboarding’ Were Overwhelmingly on PS4

Apex LegendsRespawn has now banned over 2000 players from all platforms. However, the PS4 community seems to be especially plagued with toxic players. Cheating was the majority of the problem. Apex LegendsThis ban wave was only for the PS4 platform.

Conor Ford, a Respawn developer who oversees security for Apex Legends claims that 2,086 players were banned for using exploits in the game’s ranking mode. A total of 1,965 bans have been issued to PS4 users. Apex Legends has delivered 1,965 bans to PS4 players. This is not the first time Apex Legends has targeted a particular demographic. Last time, it was because of cultural and linguistic differences. This time, however, it seems that the PS4 community was simply overrun by “dashboarding” cheaters.

“Dashboarding” is loss forgiveness exploit that allows players to forcefully shut down the game after losing a match. This allows them to retain a high rank long after they should have lost it. This is not the only exploit that the Apex Legends PS4 group appears to have used. A matchmaking exploit was the second exploit the banned players used to stealthily enter the Bronze lobby to take down less experienced players for them to farm points. Apex Legends previously addressed the issue of highly-skilled players attacking less experienced players in a catchy song.

Ford clarified that these bans are matchmaking and will vary in length depending on the extent of the abuse. Likely, the banned players will not be able to open the new season. Ford stated that the banned players should return next season and play the game as it was intended. These bans were issued at the same time as Respawn fixed another Apex Legends bug that prevented Apex Packs from giving out items.

Twitter has been abuzz with this information. Apex Legends players seem to have reacted to the bans in various ways. Respawn’s attempts to crack down against cheating seem to have made some users happy, or at the very least somewhat satisfied. Many users claim that they were banned even though they did not use these exploits. Others question why the bans were so concentrated on the PS4 market. One user replied to these questions by explaining that “dashboarding only works on PS4, which would explain why there were so many bans. Apex Legends‘ Ranked Arena mode has eSports potential, so it would make sense if Respawn wanted to clamp down on the cheating affecting this mode.


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