Final Fantasy 7 Fan Finds Aerith Church Garden in Real Life

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Finds Aerith Church Garden in Real Life

Final Fantasy 7 Fan Finds Aerith Church Garden in Real Life

Gamers worldwide have wondered how certain moments, characters, and places in life would look as they play a variety of games. You can create fantastical worlds such as the one infinite Fantasy 7This is especially true when players bring the world of the game to life with things such as Tifa and Aerith cosplay. A fan found a picture of a church that looked very similar to the one in Sector 5.

Although churches in video games don’t get as much affection, Final Fantasy 7 is still a beloved icon for many gamers and fans. Final Fantasy 7’s HD Remake features the chapel Aerith tends to. This is where they first see her after Cloud fell from the sky. The location was abandoned just as the church was photographed, with Aerith taking care of the flowers in the church.

Although the chapel is small and shows wear, it appears to be in good condition, considering its neglect. There is some debris on the floor from the ceiling being chipped away, but most notably in the center, adding to the resemblance as if Cloud or Zack Fair just crashed their way through. It is fitting that the debris was found in the middle because against the walls, the foliage made its way through the tiles, creating a wild garden within the church.

Fans were still touched by the photo, even though it does not contain Aerith’s yellow-lily-like flowers. A few commenters claimed that they could hear Aerith’s theme when looking at the photo. Another Reddit user helped the commentators identify which church it was, naming it Chapelle de l’Ange au Violon, located in Southern France.

Although the resemblance may not be exact, it brought back many fond memories for FF7 enthusiasts. The chapel brought back more than memories of Aerith. One fan said that the imagery reminded them of The Legend of Zelda’s Temple of Time.

Fans might be able to stop by the location if they decide to visit France in the future. A Final Fantasy 7 photographer could stop by the spring to take photos and show others the location.

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