Grand Theft Auto 6 Theory Predicts the Game’s Release Timeline

Grand Theft Auto 6 Theory Predicts the Game's Release Timeline

Grand Theft Auto 6 Theory Predicts the Game’s Release Timeline

WhileGrand Theft Auto 6. Although the game has not received any news beyond vague teasers, fans have come up with many theories about its release. Most leaks and teasers are for grand Theft Auto 6. One Reddit user debunked the myths and created a plausible theory about the game’s release date. Also, what could have happened in the years preceding it.

Reddit user Karzmat shared their three-part analysis on what might happen in the next years to the subreddit /r/GTA6. The first part focuses on Grand Theft Auto 6’s teaser trailer for Cayo Perico, which showed a VI-shaped road thanks to a set coordinates. The road runs from the U.S. state of Virginia. It starts at State Route 642. However, the user suggests that this could indicate a June 24th in an unknown year or June 2024.

The second argument concerns the hints found on the doors at Los Santos Airport in GTA Online. One user pointed out six doors at the airport that have “2021” written on their doors. Although Rockstar hasn’t confirmed that these doors are teasers for Grand Theft Auto, there have been many fan theories about the numbering.

In the third part, Karizma discusses a potential release date for Grand Theft Auto 6, based on realistic expectations regarding development and communication. According to the user, an enhanced edition (GTA 5) could be released in 2021. This could result in more teasers about GTA 6 being revealed as in the Cayo Peruico heist. The user speculated that more leaks could be revealed at the beginning of 2022, leading to a trailer for GTA 6 in 2023.

Although fan theories may vary in belief, Rockstar is not afraid to tease future titles within their games. Red Dead Redemption 2. grand Theft Auto 4For example, ads for flights to Los Santos teased the location for the fifth entry. Grand Theft Auto 5It has been available for a long time, and although fans are fervently seeking information about the sequel, there will be a long wait for anything official. Grand Theft Auto 6 Rockstar.

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